Another 'Next Galaxy' dummy unit appears, throws Android style guide to the wind

Ladies and gents, I present to you the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Except it ain't. It's another bit of secrecy in the never ending chain of Samsung Galaxy Next S III tales, and this one from the Taiwanese forum mobile01 truly takes the cake. The casing, yellow friction tape and all, is clearly not the finished product and the monstrosity of a navigation bar across the bottom makes me hope the view on the screen is faked as well. Don't get me wrong -- I'm a fan of buttons, including the coveted menu button, but forcing it off to the wrong side as in the above screen is not only against the Android style guidelines, but it's a giant mess for app development waiting to happen. At least HTC's offerings would look right when (if) apps get updated with the ICS UI. But this? There's no rhyme or reason.

I want to see this phone as much as the next guy. I'm excited to see what Samsung counters the HTC One series with, but if this is it I'm going to have to say no thanks Samsung. That's why I'm not buying it.

Source: mobile01 (since pulled); via The Verge

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Looks like something Sony would F@##%& up
  • .... if that is the final product, there is no way im going to buy this.
  • WEEZER!!!!!!!!!
  • is it just me.. or did u really mean to post weezer? lol
  • Question is - how old are those pics.. Has the old "Market" name and icon as well..
  • Rip Samsung Mobile ??-2012
  • All I have to say is this will make it really easy for me to keep my newly acquired Galaxy Nexus for two years. My wife will thank them ;-)
  • The "action bar" is actually the top navigation bar of an APPLICATION. The bottom bar with the capacitive on-screen buttons is considered a "navigation bar".
  • 10-4. That one flew right past me.
  • I bet you that the phone is going to curved at the bottom and top following the screen glass if you look closely.
  • I bet you that the phone is going to curved at the bottom and top following the screen glass if you look closely.
  • The menu button on my Galaxy Nexus is on the far left at the bottom where I put it and it works great with everything.
  • It would work as a big red rubber button on the back of the device, too.  
  • I don't get your sarcasm. Sorry
  • I did it's ok. He just meant that the button can be wherever you MOD it to tell it to be, but according to Android Design Standards. It should be on the right.
  • According to the guidlines, there should be no menu button.
  • My point was I got that it was sarcasm, but didn't understand the point of posting it. You can put the menu button wherever you want. There is no right or wrong side. That is what is great about Android. I don't care what the "guidelines" say. I like it on the left, like mostly all my Moto phones, and it works. Sent a screenshot link that has yet to be approved. It seems to me that if there really was a right and wrong, then it wouldn't work or would be unresponsive. Right and wrong reminds me of why I don't own Apple products
  • exactly android central and loyal android fans always talk how android is about choices and yet they complain that its not the same as there has its button arrangment,samsung has theres etc the reason samsung have this arrangement is because the galaxy s and galaxy s2 had the same arrangement so they are consistent with there own phones.
  • Whatever Samsung comes up with it will blow away the mess that HTC came up with. Any modern day top of the line phone should have more then 16 mb of internal memory.
    that is just pathetic. Do Not Buy the HTC new phones or they will keep making shit. Force them to make a phone that will have what a great phone should have. I have a few HTC phones and they all have sd cards..
    This new HTC design is a failure IMO.
  • First off, the new line of HTC One phones (In the US) do not come with 16mb as you posted. They come with around 1000 times that amount in 16 GB. Secondly, My new HTC Evo LTE will be will have a MicroSD expansion slot. Thirdly, majority people do not need 16GB this day in age. I think HTC knows exactly what they are doing and the One series will do just fine, so stop hating.
  • Starfleet Captain saves the day! This was said perfectly.
  • Let's see, install a couple gameloft games (500 MB+), add music collection(say a small 5 GB library), and wow the storage is half filled already. Maybe add in some video I want to watch later on the bus. Add in some pictures taken with the phone then start taking some 1080p(or even 720p) video, that storage space will be filled very quickly. Now that said, I have a 20 GB library of legit music ripped from my CDs and purchased digitally. I could store it in the cloud as I have a 6GB data plan, but then again streaming data all day to my phone is a surefire way to drain the battery. Granted I could use wifi instead to save on battery, assuming there is wifi and I am allowed to connect to it, but I would still prefer to have it locally. 32 GB internal is the minimum I would begrudgingly accept if no phones I wanted had a microSD slot. Anything below that, I would demand a microSD slot. Now that said, 16GB is a great improvement over most phones not too long ago and I'm sure it will sell fine.
  • I agree. I've got the old HTC Desire and it's been great but I can't wait to jump ship to the Samsung S3. RIP HTC!
  • The status bar in that shot screams Gingerbread. That device is either photoshopped or an extremely elaborately faked custom ROM.
  • Or Samsung themed it green again (as they have in the past)?
  • Gummy
  • It does look very similar to previous leaked shot. Even gas the same dots on the bottom, below the button. Some kind of sensor?
    Maybe part of the rumored eye tracking feature??
  • I guess I am missing something. Are you talking about the button on left side of phone, or the button at bottom center.? If I am not mistaken, the left side button is similar to position of current volume rocker( at least on my skyrocket). Probably same thing isn't it?
    Especially when you take the dummy case into account.
  • They are moaning about the order the soft button are in on the screen. Apparently moving a button 1cm either way is an epic disaster. I think they must be iPhone users who are scared of anything different.
  • Or maybe... ICS offered pretty drastic changes to the way application navigation works. Google gave a set of guidelines for developers to follow so that there is a consistent UI in apps, and no extra buttons and wasted space. If this is true (and I have my doubts it's real, as stated in my post) Samsung said screw it, let's do it our way instead. That's a problem. I do not want the company who designed TouchWiz to have any hand in the UI of Android applications. I'm tired of chasing three dots around, and want developers to update their apps with the current methods. Not for companies to do things that give them less of an incentive.  But you keep on doing your thing and second guessing me if you like.
  • I've been waiting with bated breath for this thing but if this is really the Ugly thing Samsung has conceived of then I'm not even going to wipe my ass with it. Not worth it.
  • if you look at the rest of the leaked pic you will see that the menu is not there so just maybe samsung give you the option to have a soft menu button or not or most likely that soft menu appears when its needed for apps that are not up to date
  • I think a little calm is needed. Although I do fear for the menu buttons position as that is where it's been on all samsung phones to date.
  • I dont care what the Samsung ROMs look like, mine will be rooted and custom ROM equipped in less than a week. If the hardware is sexy and powerful, its mine.
  • Im not sure i see the big deal and im not sure 99% of the millions who bought the SGS2 will care about this apparently 'monstrous' menu button.
  • I think it is in regard to the whole bar. It's rather big and takes up a lot of screen. IMO cap buttons on the fairly large bezel below would have been much better.
  • I think it could quite easily come with the software menu button, that way it is nicely compatible with all the slow to be updated apps out there, then when the majority of apps are in line with the ICS framework Samsung can issue a small update that hides/deletes the menu button. Simple.
  • Wait... youre giving a speculative bad review based on an incomplete prototype which has a single button on the wrong side???? HAHHAHAH... This is why i come to Android Central! Its good for a laugh.
  • android style guide? What is that, because all Android phones (maybe except Razr) are so generic looking you can't tell them apart. If you see on a table ten phones of which one is iPhone and one is a Blackberry, you know the rest are Android but can't tell which is which-no design, just plain slabs with screens...
  • I believe it is in reference to the UI rather than the physical style.
  • "and the monstrosity of a navigation bar" Best line of the day. Can't wait to see what this phone looks like, I have a feeling the design will be similar to the Galaxy Nexus.
  • Looks legit to me. I wouldn't be surprised at all.