Angry Birds Stella now available for pig smashing action on Android

Rovio has just launched its latest game in its long running Angry Birds physics-themed puzzle series for Android devices, via the Google Play Store, along with the Amazon Appstore for Kindle devices and the Nook tablets. The new title is Angry Birds Stella and yes, Stella is still plenty angry at the game's pig villains.

Apparently the pigs have stolen Stella's scrapbook and...oh, never mind. There may be something that resembles a plot in this game, but it's still mostly about shooting a bird via a slingshot to break down pig-created structures. Here's a quick description:

Track down Gale and her piggy minions and recover Stella's scrapbook! Use it to collect your achievements and unlock new variations of the characters, which you can see as stylized polaroids of Stella and her friends. Of course, with Stella, you can also get some Telepods figures to teleport straight into the game as playable characters!

While Angry Birds Stella is free to download and play, there are optional in-app purchases as well. What do you think of the latest game in the Angry Birds series?

Source: Rovio

John Callaham
  • Finally, I've actually been waiting on this. Posted via Android Central App
  • Really? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes really, I was just curious to see what political correctness would do to angry birds. Posted via Android Central App
  • Gotta have a female centric version to please the masses. Posted via the Android Central App
  • two words... gar bage
  • Still milking it...
  • On my LG G3: "Your device is not compatible with this version."
  • I'm finding that quite often. Hell, MLB At Bat still doesn't stream video to the G3. Kind of disappointing.
  • I stopped playing Angry Birds a while back when I wasn't allowed to copy over my saved files anymore from phone to phone. Posted via Android Central App