Hands-on with the new and improved YouTube app for Android

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A new YouTube app has hit the Android Market. That's right, it's been broken out of the ROM and is in the Android Market, part of that whole break-out-of-the-ROM-and-into-the-market movement that's going on.  And it only takes a couple of minutes' use to see that it's much-improved over its predecessor. The new app is only for those devices sporting Android 2.2. Some of the new features:

  • Much improved UI
  • In-page playback so users can read comments while watching videos
  • The ability to watch videos in portrait or landscape mode
  • Personalized home-screen video feed
  • New player controls

If you have Android 2.2 already, go try this much improved version of the YouTube app in the market. Find the download link, more pics and our hands-on video after the break! [via Droid Life]

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Sean Brunett
  • I'm sorry but this dont look polished at all, it looks like something a 3rd part developed. I would expect a lot from google, they need better designers
  • So your telling me google had bad designers? Look at your PHONE, what OS is it running that has been developed for more than 3 years. Now tell me that google needs better designers. Look at chrome, sky map, google earth, youtube, ANDROID. all these glorious things they have created for us FOR FREE and you dont even give a damn. Thats just sad dude, really.
  • I disagree, this is way better than the original. Looks quite polished to me.
  • I totally agree with you, that was my first reaction too, looks like a third party app.The youtube app I had with my Evo was better looking. I am just talkinag about look and feel, not the functionality though.
  • How ironic... I think you meant to say "this DOESN'T look polished at all..".
  • Well you do have the right to your opinion, but more importantly you have the right to be wrong. This app looks and performs a lot better than the old and on top of that Google has popped it out of the ROM so updates aren't tied to the OS anymore which is always a great thing for everyone. Very slick Google, two thumbs up!
  • don't agree at all. I think its a vast improvement and the new features/options are great
  • I guess Google feels it would be too much trouble allow Android users to comment from the app. The iPhone app does, though. Go figure.
  • Give it time and it will come.
  • I think it looks BETTER!!! Does it look GREAT? Well, it could be better. And yes, I agree that the Google app should have more functionality than iPhone's considering Google now OWNS youtube. Strange.
  • It's still ugly as the devil's butt. I expected better from Google. That Droid2 looks puny and outdated next to that Droid X though.
  • Samsung Galaxay S carriers need to hurry the hell up with 2.2 already.
  • Personally I prefer their mobile web version. But, will installing this update uninstall and remove, thus freeing up space, of the bundled version in the N1 ROM?
  • Unfortunately no. You will only have the option to 'uninstall updates', not actually uninstall the app.
  • Alot better than the original. Do better it shut up clowns
  • Closed captioning is now available on Mobile, too.
  • Ok i like the app but no commenting. fail.
  • 'Personalized home-screen video feed' I cant seem to find this feature...
  • Well done Google.
  • video quality still sucks ass. using m.youtube.com in the browser has way better video quality.
  • Since 2.2 was released they have slowly but surely taken apps built into the ROM and move them to the Android Market. Once everyone is running at least 2.2 fragmentation will be minimized as full major OS updates will come less often and small areas can be broken off and released to handsets whose manufacturer has not updated to the latest OS. It may suck now for those of with 2.1 or under but it's definitely beneficial to the future of Android.
  • Did you check the auto-HQ setting? Otherwise I'm not sure how that could be, as I'm getting slightly better quality through the app.
  • Youtube owned by Google and this is only available for 2.2???? That sux!
  • Well, there's already the built-in YouTube player. Besides, some program versions only run on specific OS versions. It's not like it's anything new.
  • New app is very nice. Like the polished look of the widget. High quality seems to buffer a little better over 3g too. Thumbs up to Google.
  • I like the look and feel of the updated app, but it didn't seem to want to work over 3G for me at ALL. I had fantastic service and usually get snappy internet, but it wouldn't do anything. Wouldn't load the first page, and the after restarting my phone, when it finally went into my account it was slow as molasses. No idea what went on there, but then it just said there was a network problem.
  • Looks way better than the original and the widget looks WAY better as well. Hopefully it'll play videos better than it did on my Droid Incredible before I updated it without randomly saying, "Video cannot be played".
  • Unfortunately this update ruins my ability to use watch Youtube at work. It's blocked at work, but it used to pull the videos from a different url, I assume Google itself. Now I just get an error. There is no 3G or 4G in my area either(thanks T-Mobile). I'm sure some of you will just say "don't watch it at work", but half my day is downtime and my phone helps pass the day.
  • "So your telling me google had bad designers? Look at your PHONE, what OS is it running that has been developed for more than 3 years. Now tell me that google needs better designers. Look at chrome, sky map, google earth, youtube, ANDROID. all these glorious things they have created for us FOR FREE and you dont even give a damn." Actually, yes all of those look like disconnected apps created by 3rd parties rather than apps from the dev of an OS. Some look and function better than others, but none share a design philosophy that you typically get from. ..hate to say it... a Microsoft or Apple. And yes cheering for app functionality that is still not on par with the iPhone app is silly as we feel slapped in the face as an android user. Google should be giving priority and added functionality to android users beyond what can be had on an Apple device experience.
  • It could be that this is part of the look and feel of Gingerbread. However on a phone with the apps taking up the full screen I have never understood the need for some people to have the same look and feel across all apps. I'd prefer the apps be designed to best make use of screen real estate for the function they perform. I don't understand the point of wasting space so that it has the same buttons in the same place as others or even the same style of buttons etc. I guess I'm kinda big on form following function.
  • Whats the deal with the new apps that are pushed to the market not installing on CM6?
  • Yeah I can't install this update either and I'm on CM6. Just says "Installation Unsuccessful". Has there been any word from the CM team about what's going on?
  • Different application signature. Flash today's GAPPS and it fixes you right up :)
  • Not sure if anyone said it already but the youtube app for android needs a past history of videos viewed that's a huge oversite on googles part, minor, but important for many including past iphoners
  • I like this sooooo much better than the previous one. I can actually browse my subscriptions much easier now. 10 stars google! Now if we could comment, I figure that is coming soon enough though. Nice app!
  • sweet update...HTC 4g Evo
  • I love the new app
  • What I still don't understand with the push to update Google's apps directly through the market versus through the software version, is why can't Google still notify you of an update to a specific app of theirs. This is the second time in the last week I only knew of a Google app update because I read the blogs and then went to the market to update. What about everyone else? Or am I missing something? The Youtube app still doesn't play as many Youtube videos as Skyfire does. I get that "no mobile version" thing on lots of my favorites, but when I go to Skyfire and specifically the web version of Youtube, not the mobile version, I can play the same video the Youtube app wouldn't let me. This is kinda queer given my Droid has Flash now, too.
  • Excellent.... Runs great on G2... can't wait to get the rest of the new goodies.... thanx AC
  • It rotates both ways now!
  • I would love to know how is this better than tubemate?? Tubemate allows you to download videos right to ur sd card!! So what's the point of this app???
  • Searching doesn't quite work the way that I would expect. But still a great upgrade from the previous version. also, I think that it looks good alongside other Launcher Pro widgets
  • Can my subscriptions be viewed on this?
  • i prefer this new version then the old one, no more automatically going into full screen. thank god. it about time they change it. in other news i finally got 2.2 for my original mytouch 3g this morning. im so tired of that phone, im so ready to move on. still waiting on tmo to get an hgh end htc android phone with htc sense, 4.3+ screen, 1ghz+ processor, all touch screen (no keyboard)desire hd like phone.