As an Android user, what's your favorite thing about iOS?

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On a website called "Android Central," it shouldn't come as much surprise that Android is our mobile operating system of choice. Whether it be Android's vast customization options, a large variety of available devices, or anything else in between, there are a lot of reasons why we prefer it over iOS.

Even so, that's not to say that iOS is a bad operating system. In fact, there are a lot of perks and benefits that come with it.

Recently, some of our AC forum members began a conversation about switching to iOS/iPhone and the various upsides that come with that transition.

I've always hated Apple and their closed, expensive ecosystem, so why in the world am I moving to iPhone? I've used Blackberries and Android phones for pretty nearly 20 years - 5 different Android phones since 2012, when I gave up on Blackberry, as they failed to keep up with the times. I've never owned a "flagship", and most likely never will. (unless I win one or am gifted one.....) But each...


OP: I feel you. Goggle maps suck; Apple runs with Tom-Tom very well and exponentially more stable/usable than Gmaps. Unbelievable, and Gmap updates always make it worse; the factory load has the least crapware. Apple looks horrible and navigation is cumbersome, but is rock solid reliable. So what's Android do? Tries to emulate like poor clumsy Apple Jane. On Android it got even worse when...


I hear what you are saying about iPhones. They work very smoothly, almost seemingly. And users' wants and needs change - you do not have to rationalize it! If iPhone/Apple works for you and your wife, that's awesome! I remember the iPhone 5's launch being super huge - I can understand why the 5S can still power on. It's a good device. Enjoy!


Ditto... The exact same reasoning I might eventually take the plunge and buy an iPhone, which could be much sooner than later. Think the SE 2020 is a good choice for those entering into the iOS space for the first time, or even those who've been away for some time. It's capable, very reasonably priced, and there's pretty much a guarantee it'll be supported for 4-5 years... Unlike the majority...


This got us to wondering — As an Android user, what's your favorite thing about iOS?

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