Android Pie comes to Sony Xperia XZ Premium, ZX1, and ZX1 Compact

Android Pie has been out for two months now, and Sony is finally serving up a slice of Pie to owners of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact. The update was originally announced for October 26; some late-stage bug-busting pushed the update back, but the update is rolling out now to the Xperia XZ Premium, XZ1 and XZ Compact in some markets.

This update is a big one — you'll definitely want to download it over Wi-Fi — and while it bring a lot of Pie's loveliness, it does not appear to include Android Pie's new navigation gestures, which could be seen as a "feature" depending on if you love or hate the new method. There are several additions and refinements to the camera app and offerings, including 1080p Super Slow Motion and a re-branded Portrait mode. This update was supposed to go up last month, which may help explain why it brings the October 2018 security patch instead of November.

We haven't been able to see the official change log show up on the Sony Mobile support site yet, but the update is slowly making its way out, just a few weeks later than scheduled. And yes, no one likes late updates, but look at it this way, you don't have to wait until March to see Pie like Xperia XA2 line does.

Ara Wagoner

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  • Its the XZ1, not the ZX1.
  • Is there anyone proof reading this stuff.......probably not.
  • They may have to wait until March but at least the XA2 line gets Pie whilst Sony have simply abandoned XA1 owners with a broken Oreo build that renders Bluetooth calls and audio streaming near enough useless and have also removed the Vulkan drivers that were present in Nougat.
  • Gestures are not a feature of Android Pie. They are a feature of Google's (and other manufacture's) skin of Android. Pixels do not run vanilla Android and it is wrong to assume that all of their UI features are representative of it.
  • What is vanilla Android then?
  • My understanding is that it's what you get when you download AOSP.
  • Thanks but I really wanna see what it looks like. The homescreen etc.
  • Your proofreader should be fried. 😋
  • Eww, cannibalism. 🤣
  • Only Android​Central can make positive Sony news seem negative.
  • I'm still hesitant on updating to Pie, but hopefully it works out. If not I'm moving on to a different phone.
  • Good lord that title is embarrassing.
  • Only Vietnam Versions so far
  • My XZ2 ( 6GB Version ) got it India only so far.
  • Wow the support for the Sony phones is amazing I owned a xz premimum and really enjoyed the phone but wanted to give the note a go and picked up an 8. But the software support is way slower than sonys. I do wonder when I am due an upgrade if I will go back to a normal phone or do I need the stylus.