Android Photography: Lions, Tigers and Photo Spheres … Oh, my!

One of the most interesting things we added to the Android Central forums over the past week was a brand-spankin' new Android Photography section. From cameras like the Samsung Galaxy NX, to device vs. device camera shootouts, this section has it all for anyone that uses their Android device as their primary photography tool.

Perhaps the most interesting new addition is the Photo Spheres forum. The uptake has been great thus far. Heck, we've even had a Photo Sphere product engineer from Google stop by to give us some Photo Sphere tips! (how awesome is that!?).

Yes, Photo Sphere goodness is starting to trickle in. Check out these photo spheres from Glacier National Park. Or bask in the beauty of Lincoln Center Plaza in NYC (thanks fantasma4!).

Dive right in. And if you need help posting your photo spheres we've got you covered. We've put together a quick guide to show you how (it's dead easy).

Yes, the Android photography forums are off to a great start. Let the celebration begin! :)

James Falconer
  • I gotta give some big kudos here, loving the new addition to the forum. I havent photographed anything worthy yet but if I do, at least I have a place for it.
  • You should download sphere share from Google play. I have it with my nexus 4. You can upload and share you spheres. Its awesome. Also download photosphere free live wallpaper so you can set them as you live wallpaper. :-). I did not create these apps by the way. Just a big fan of them and makes it worth having photo sphere. :-) Posted via Android Central App