Android Pay now lets you pay with a PayPal account

A month after it was initially announced, Android Pay finally offers official support for PayPal integration. With the latest app update, you can now file in your PayPal account with the rest of your debit, credit, and loyalty cards to use wherever NFC-enabled wireless payments are accepted.

The setup process is easy. When you're adding a new card to your virtual wallet inside the Android Pay app, tap Add other payment methods to select the PayPal option. Once it's logged in there, you'll be able to choose it as your payment method every time you fire up the app. PayPal will require that you input a "top up" amount, however, so be ready to put away about $10. You'll need your in-store PIN to set up the payment method, too.

Why would you want to use PayPal to pay for things? Well, let's say you run a business, for instance, and that's where all of your earnings go before they make it into your bank account. If you have Android Pay with your PayPal account, you can use that cash flow instantly without waiting for the other-bank transaction.

PayPal is also useful if you're traveling overseas with the family; it's great for setting up a budget pool of sorts, and with Android Pay launching in more countries, you'll be able to use that account on the fly. It's unclear if that's available at the moment, however, considering PayPal integration with Android Pay is currently limited to the U.S. If that applies to you, check out the Play Store (opens in new tab) to see if your app has been updated.

Florence Ion was formerly an editor and columnist at Android Central. She writes about Android-powered devices of all types and explores their usefulness in her everyday life. You can follow her on Twitter or watch her Tuesday nights on All About Android.

  • Finally I can now use Android Pay. No way the small credit union I use was every going to be added to the list.
  • The small Credit Union I use has had Android Pay support for a while.. so don't lose hope just yet!
  • They just lay year for an app, that is terrible by the way. Very old school type of business. Could happen but with the board they have don't expect it.
  • I belong to two credit unions. The bigger of the two said no way to Android/Samsung/Apple Pay. The smaller one just started allowing it this month. So it could happen for you.
  • HELLO! Now AP is worthwhile!
  • If a bank supports Apple Pay, anyone know how much extra effort it is to also support Android Pay?
  • Yay! I can now use my bank account that is dragging it's feet on supporting Android Pay. Would be nice if Samsung Pay would do the same thing!
  • Use Android Pay, with funds from my PayPal.. Hmm that's pretty awesome.
  • Wait, don't you mean I can use Android Pay with my Pandora account? Those logos look so similar...
  • so if i have a bank account linked to my paypal does it mean with the app i could use this in canada?
  • Saw this article and said yes finally, but sadly I'm not seeing it, cannot find the option to select another type of payment method anywhere, and looks like the last time it was updated was on 5/16
  • I think they're updating this in waves. The update (which I got mine yesterday) didn't have it either, but could've been an update to get it setup for Android Pay when it does release.
  • Does this mean my PayPal debit Master Card will work again?
  • The caveat is Discover Card
  • Maybe everyone doesn't have the upgrade yet? It won't let me set up my PayPal Mastercard and there is no option for "Add other payment methods".
  • I don't see that option yet either. I have Android Pay version 1.23.155555280. Anyone else seeing the option to add other payment method? What version are you running?
  • It doesn't sound like it's quite as convenient as debit or CC payments. You'll have to maintain a balance in Paypal to use it . Not very convenient for me.
  • It won't draw from backup funding? That's a fail then
  • Well that's my interpretation of it. Otherwise why would they make you add $10 right away? If I'm wrong this is great!
  • I'm pretty sure it WILL back-fill from your own card (Thats why you have to start by linking a valid credit/debit card to paypal in the first place. I believe the reason for the $10 always being in the account is so the merchants verification that you have a valid card won't show that you have a card with $0 on it. just like when you go pay at the gas pump, it always verifies that you have at least $10 available before the pump will let you pump gas.
  • From PayPal's site it says "If your payment can’t be completed using the payment method you choose, we’ll use your backup payment method."... Your "preferred/default payment method is the virtual discover card. If it doesn't have enough (If you buy something for more than the $10 you keep in your paypal account), PayPal uses your "backup" method which is your debit/credit card linked to your paypal account from your bank/credit union.
  • It must be nice. I can't use this feature on my Samsung Galaxy s8 yet and I would love to use it when I travel next week.
  • Android Pay isn't available in India yet. Sad.
  • It won't be of any use even if it launches. Hardly anyone uses Samsung Pay here which works everywhere (though the number of phones supporting is very less and the phones are not sold in large numbers in India). No one is going to install NFC readers, not for the next 5 years, at least.
  • Android Pay 1.23 and no link for PayPal. WHEN?
  • Requiring a balance on PayPal just killed the convenience of the connection. I'm out.