Android O is version 8.0, but we still don't know its name

The speculation over what Android O's "tasty treat" nickname will be continues, but we now know that Android O will be marked as version 8.0 of the operating system. With Nougat currently topping out at Android 7.1.2, we have wondered how big of a leap Google would eventually claim Android O is — and apparently it thinks O is worthy of a full point designation.

Just looking at the initial Developer Previews and seeing fresh interface changes, tweaks to the notification system, under-the-hood performance improvements and more, you can see why Google thinks this is more of an 8.0 release rather than a 7.2 or 7.3. And this is, of course, before we see the full release later in the year where Google always holds back a handful of features to debut to consumers — the Developer Previews give you a hint, but not a view of the whole experience.

The version number is one more line item checked off — we're getting close to the final release of Android O.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • "we're getting close to the final release of Android O." Except for the over 99% of Android users who don't use Nexus devices or iPixels lol
  • And who's fault is that?
  • Google's for not enforcing this like Apple did.
  • Not their responsibility
  • Exactly, they gave up that responsibility to get manufactures on board. They are trying to get it back, and I hope they do. Project treble is the first of many steps.
  • But the two are very different. Many components on Android are separate apps, where on iOS, they are considered part of the OS, even ones that can be "removed." Apple can't add features to the mail app without a full iOS update. Google can, among many other components.
  • Google. Consumers don't have to buy inferior phones just because Google can't handle the way their software is updated. How can they do that? For example impose time frames for updating as a requisite to certify the phones for example.
  • It's almost like you don't understand how Android works
  • It's almost like you didn't understand the point of my comment.
  • Wrong! It'll be released regardless of what phone anyone has. Just because you might not be able to use it on your phone doesn't mean it's not released
  • Google will release it soon ... that's way different from saying "everyone will have it soon."
  • Precisely why I bought a Nexus 6P
  • Ditto...
    And the fact that it's a great phone didn't hurt either.
  • The problem is that Google phones are not available in a lot of countries. Meaning that for a lot of us, buying a Nexus/Pixel is not even an option.
  • OREO
  • If they're going to try truth in advertising - Android O would be
    "Android One year until unlocked devices get it."
    Think that 'll fit on the marketing material?
  • Blame the phone companies and manufacturers for that, not Google. It's not hard to Port stock to a device, but HTC & Samsung always want to be extra
  • Android Ovfefe
  • Try being original next time ;)
  • It was original. I haven't seen anybody else make that joke here or anywhere else. That said, I wouldn't be *too* shocked if somebody else made the same joke elsewhere without my knowledge.
  • 😄😄😄😁😁😃🤣 silly
  • Orio...
  • It will be OREO.
    Nabisco will release green Oreos with Lloyd in the textured design to commemorate it.
    They will be made in Mexico. I'll send Andrew Martonik a bag of Oreos if I'm wrong.
  • There sure were a lot of orange circles in the branding at I/O. I wouldn't be surprised if it were Orange Slice.
  • I KNOW!!! Android 8.0!
  • Oreo. Oreo. Oreo.
  • This is the easiest one yet, it's GOTTA be OREO.
  • It's a trademark, I doubt they'll go down that road again.
  • Did they have trouble with KitKat?
  • I don't understand why this isn't 5.6 or something. Marshmallow and nougat have both felt like incremental updates of lollipop to me, not full releases.
  • Marshmallow was definitely an incremental (except for the under the hood increases), but nougat imo deserved its own number
  • Quite honestly my '14 Samsung Tab Pro on 4.4 with Nova Launcher is not drastically different (the app permissions and BlackBerry HUB aside) than Nougat on my S7 Edge. It seems the updates since have been incremental. I will preface that my true fondness and appreciation is still for BlackBerry 10. Oreo is my guess
  • I'll be glad when they run out of letters.
    Since it's the alphabet 🔤 company They still have ABC on reserve. Until android allows end users complete control on ALL apps and all devices get the latest sooner than later who cares. Just more fragmentation
  • C is in use. Cupcake ;) Edit: it was the first version
  • And here I am happy with Nougat
  • Tasty treat? It has to be Oprah, right?
  • Oprah, Uma. Uma, Oprah.
  • If they name it "Oreo", know that today's Oreos are a weak shadow of past greatness.
  • I like orange bang, but doubtful. Plus it two words 🤔
  • Orange bang, that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A LONG time!
  • MKBHD's YouTube video where he interviewed Google CEO and head of Android development he kept showing a Oreo cookie in the background. I'm guessing Oreo
  • Oriole
  • The big "O" .... Orgasmic!
  • Android... Obviously.
  • Breaking news!! : water is wet Who had any doubts that it would be 8?
  • Love the update to the clock app! It's so much cleaner!
  • You have it already?
  • Developer Preview 3 is out for those signed up for the betas.
  • Otter Pop
  • I know it's not dessert related but I want to call it Android 8 The Ocho. Before you ask, yes I have seen the movie Dodgeball a few too many times. The commercials will have to be done by Gary Cole and Jason Bateman.
  • Oreo is most probably it, but I think Opera Cake would be better.
  • Don't ask me , I was lobbying for Nutter Butter for N Kenny
  • Android O's name is OREO
    MKBHD almost showed us at a video he made from Google I/O 2017
    He is very accurate always
  • Yes, name it after America's patriotic national biscuit that's made in China.
  • My battery life has gone up with O, they always say 'oh we've improved battery life' Never noticed any difference before!
    Oatesy (Nexus 6p)
  • The O stands for One percent of devices.
  • To me the logo suggests that it will be called Orangesicle.
  • To me the logo suggests that it will be named Orangesicle.
  • Orange Jam or O' Jam is the best name, is not good always a chocolate name is very common and very known make a different..
  • Orange Jam or aka O' Jam best name
  • it's Oreo :)