Android Market update not so welcome for Xperia X10 users

Life is rough for the Xperia X10.  When released (overseas, anyway), it was top-of-the-line hardware, chained to an outdated version of Android, and we still have no idea if it supports multitouch.  The custom overlay (TimeScape) is beautiful, but it really hampers performance.  We all want to love it, but it's hard.  It just got harder since Google has updated the Android Market. 

Seems like the new and improved version of the Market wont run on the X10, with users waiting forever as it fails to load.  Sony Ericsson was quick to address the issue via their Facebook page, telling users to uninstall the updates for the Android Market.  But, as we all know, the Market auto-updates -- leading some users into an endless loop, and no Android Market on their expensive phone.  I've reached out to SE, but short of keeping the updates for the Market uninstalled, I have no advice to offer to help.  This one needs addressed -- if not from SE, then from Google, who may be able to halt the updates for the affected devices. 

If we hear anything that may help, we'll be sure to let you know.  Thanks for the heads up, Conan!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • What's more interesting Sony Ericsson are thick enough to advertise this phone on the newspaper "now with the latest Android version 2.1!" /facepalm
  • .....SE ..... what a joke they have become.
  • I want to solely and specifically blame SE (and they rightfully deserve a whole lot of blame) but let this be a lesson to all the OEMs trying to change Android into their own imaginary propriety OS.
  • While I'm all on the "let's knock SE" bandwagon, if the market didn't push/force a silent update this wouldn't be such a big problem. Hope this makes Google re-think the way that is done.
  • I don't see why THEY have to worry about their Market place running on their Android OS.
  • I've seen the Market issue, but only on phones with 1.6, the update to 2.1 always seems to fix it. I'm assuming this is the update that adds the "Related" tab as I don't think the new look market is out yet for anything below 2.2?
    Also, there is an official announcement on multitouch and that there will b and OTA update in Q1 to add support.
  • Nope. the brand new Market is for all phones 1.6 and above. The related tab was only for 2.2.
  • I use a Nexus One and I still haven't even seen the new Market app on my phone. I tried to clear the Market data in settings and it still loads the old market. This is sad...
  • What SE and especially AT&T have done with the Xperia is a damn shame. It could have been the best GSM Android on the market.It could have been a contender....*sniffles*
  • I have the new Market and an X10 2.1 and there's been no problems what so ever...
  • Exactly what is the problem here? The latest market update works fine on my x10i (OEM unbranded) with no issues at all. Is this specific to AT&T branded phones? If you're going to write a story about an issue, provide all the details and don't assume there is this "huge" problem.
  • Wanted to add I'm on 2.1.
  • Sounds like fodder for Mr. Jobs....
  • the new android market runs well on my xperia x10. i don't know what's the fuzz is about...
  • Don't be so quick to blame Sony Ericsson on this one. They have made a great phone with the X10 but if ATT doesn't push out the 2,1 update then how can that be SE's fault. The providers that have pushed out the update have a great phone. ATT still has a good phone but they need to get off their ass and push the update out. No one to blame here but ATT. That is from my source at SE
  • I have a X10 (mini) and the 2.1 update and no problem with the Market.
    And I am very satisfied with the 2.1 update too, thank you SE !!!
    It was already beautiful and stable, now it looks even better, it is faster and the WIFI problems are fixed too!
  • i had no issues.
    opened market this morning and everything was working fine