Android Market getting 4GB app sizes, devs can now exclude phones

Google just clued us in on a couple of major changes to the Android Market. First and foremost is that the size limit on applications will soon be increased from the current 50MB to a massive 4GB. That's going to cut down on the secondary installs -- where you install an app only to be told you need to download more data -- and instead you'll just download that massive amount of data directly. Six of one, half-dozen of the other, we suppose.

And another cool tool for developers is the ability to easily keep your app from being installed on any Android phone. Devs can manually choose any device to blacklist, or it can be done through the manifest, too.

Phil Nickinson
  • Meaning Android is about to get more fragmented....
  • How so?
  • Devs can just choose one popular phone and build the app for that hardware, ex. if they build for a 4.3" screen they can just blacklist every device that doesn't have that screen size
  • Why would someone even do that..? We can already block by screen resolution.
  • I'm sorry if my app can't work on anything besides 4.3" Maybe its because i dont have any other device and want to make sure the app works on any phone thats similar to my device. The thing is that we are in a Android community where users opinions do matter in apps depending on developers. Many apps that couldn't even support QVGA got a update and everything went well.
  • I really like the idea of blacklisting devices that the app isn't compatible with. I always hate when people rate an app poorly because it doesn't work on their device when the description clearly states that it doesn't work on that device & they were just too stupid to read it.
  • Same her El Jefe this is a really good news to prevent pointless 1 star app reviews such as "1 star until you support my $99 POS android phone with a 500mhz processor."
  • even as just a user and not a Developer it is annoying seeing those 1 star reviews like that. GET A NEW PHONE if the one you have can run the apps/games you want!
  • not even trying to be like this but some people just can't afford the next new phone that seems to come out all the time.
  • That's true. But those people need to accept the fact that they may not be able to run the most advanced apps all the time. There is no reason to punish a dev because their device couldn't run the software. *Note* I'm not rich by any means. I generally pick up the nicest phone on the market once a year and go till next time. By the end of the year, there may be things my phone doesn't do very well, and I accept that.
  • yea me too
    Its very annoying to see this kind of stuff
  • Now to just increase the ridiculous 15 minute return window.
  • the thing is, its hard to go back now, even the latest and greatest android phone now the galaxy s2 you only get 2gb for app storage and the rest is for internal storage. If any app was like 800mb, can you imagine the reviews in the market, barely a phone would have the space to install it on.
  • Yea but it beats sitting there waiting for an app to dl and install and then thinking you're going to go play some great game only to have to sit for another 30 minutes for a long ass download that you can't do anything while it's downloading.
    That pisses me off more than anything. I want downloads to happen in the background and not have to sit there staring at this screen waiting.
  • The developers could allow the app to install on an SD card, so it's not that big of a deal.
  • but dont the apps download via the cache partition first? and also dont they download to the internal memory, and then put it onto the sd card?
  • Now Google should set some sort of a Minimum when it comes to Internal storage
  • So by the time you finish downloading that huge file its too late to get your refund if it sucks. Genius
  • You missed the part of the article where they said the 15 minutes doesn't begin until the download is finished.
  • How about install direct to SD? I have a 32 gig card so space isn't a problem, as long as those huge apps could install directly to it.
  • I agree...theres no way some of our internal can support that! Apps to sd
  • This is really exciting news. I wonder if you'll be able to download up to that size on 3G, or if Google will only allow you to download apps that are up to 50MB on 3G.
  • there will be no limitation over 3g or wifi, some people have unlimited 3g etc, google arent controlling like that, you can use your data however you want
  • 4GB? Seriously? What kind of app could POSSIBLY need 4GB on an Android phone or tablet?
  • possibly on a Tablet, but i wont hold my breath for a phone.
  • A movie?
  • The APK packages in the market will still be limited to 50MB. But Google will also store up to two 2GB additional achieves on their servers which will install to the SD card. Nothing will change for the user. But for the developer, especially indie developers, they won't have to set up their own servers to provide the additional files. Why did no one go to the Market session? Now everyone is sharing the wrong information.
  • But if I root my 2 yr old hero, install a more efficient android version and overclock it so that app x works then how can I download it? Atleast allow me to opt out of the block, disable my comment ability if there worried.