Android Facebook app getting Places, Groups - no phone, says Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this morning announced that the Android Facebook app is getting a refresh. Places and Groups are coming in the update -- they've currently only been available on the iPhone. Facebook's location API is opening up, and they're making it so businesses can offer deals to Facebook users nearby. Sound a little familiar? (Foursquare says hi.)

There's also single sign-on now, meaning, you'll sign in once and any other app that uses the Facebook APIs will already know you're logged in. Facebook's Erick Tseng (the former Android lead) used this example: You're logged into Facebook, and say you want to log into Groupon. All you have to do is tap the "Sign on with Facebook" button, and you're good to go.

Zuckerberg reiterated that Facebook is not planning on developing its own phone. Repeat: No Android-based Facebok phone.

There are 200 million people using Facebook on mobile products, Zuckerberg said, so "This give us kind of a good base for developers to build social apps on top of."

Facebook's iPhone app got a bit of a refresh, with improved tagging.

  • When?
  • Woohoo good news!
  • Believe he said it was launching today, no? Looks like they plan to incorporate foursquare like services into the mobile experience WITHIN FB.
  • Just checked, no update in the market as of yet. Hopefully soon!! And maybe they fixed it so we can stay within the app as a bonus~ Looking forward to checking it out.
  • Who cares about a single sign on? Are people really that up in arms about this?
  • They need to work on fixing the notifications!
  • They need to work on fixing the notifications!
  • Maybe they could update it to where it doesn't redirect you to your browser all the time and has push updates. That seems more important than places and groups to me...
  • I wonder if status and photo tagging will be part of this refresh?
  • I can honestly say I don't care about any of this. All I want, and I'm sure a lot of others do as well, is the ability to get push notifications and not be directed to the browser for every little thing. I can even ignore the fact that FB for BB lets you tag people in photos and we still can't. Hopefully its added in this update.
  • Great news! I've been wanting a better Facebook app for Android, hopefully it'll now be as good if not better than the iPhone's Facebook app.
  • When this hits the market and I install it on my DX, should I delete Facebook from "My Accounts" or will it matter?
    Its already available in the Market. Looks like we can view notifications in the app!
  • Facebook update out now
  • Just installed the new app, so far I notice more options as expected, same general interface. Friend notifications and messages load in the app which is pretty awesome. I assume comments do too.
  • Oh, the iPhone got tagging? Oh wait, it's had it for quite a while. Makes sense, since it's a network-connected portable social device with a camera.... Hmmm. Wonder if there's another platform out there that's growing like crazy with the same traits as the iPhone that needs photo tagging? Guess not.
  • Never thought I'd say this but I miss the photo tagging option on my Palm Pre! Who would of thought that Palm worked harder on their fb app than fb has on Android!?!
  • GOD! Still no notifications on comments. Why is this so hard for them?
  • So still no chat feature, that's lame.
  • Does this still rape your battery life?