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Android Central on Facebook

Now that you're one of our 74,000-odd Twitter followers, it's time to step things up a notch.

We're closing in on We've surpassed 17,000 followers on Facebook. That's nearly more than 17,000 of you who get the latest news, leave comments, share your pictures, and generally harass us day in and day out -- and we love it!

Plus there are hidden gems, such as a picture of our own Phil Nickinson and CrackBerry Kevin hard at work at CTIA. You won't find that anywhere else, folks. Plus we've got contests and other goodies in the works.

So if you're into the Facebook thing, be sure to swing on by Tell 'em Lloyd sent ya.

  • I may be going out on a limb here, but I would imagine some people don't want to follow on Facebook. I personally use Facebook socially and for some minor gaming, I don't use it for a source of news. There's already enough spam and stuff I don't read on Facebook to add another source where I already subscribe via RSS and Twitter. Edit: Bah, screw it. I'll follow and just block the news. :P
  • Meh... I'll stick to the website. I don't need EVERYTHING aggregated in one place.
  • since I have my phone all the time, I rather view every update on the website cause Facebook for Android app sucks
  • I had AC liked on bookface but it was just a little to much. Every post was from AC and I would have to load posts to see what my friends were upto.
  • I liked AC on Facebook but I do block the news as well. I prefer to get AC news and updates from Twitter. I keep my tech habit seperate from my social stiff by using each service differently. Besides I'm kind of over Facebook at this point and find myself checking Twitter alot more often.