Evo 4G apps - download these first

The Sprint Evo 4G quickly has become the hottest topic in the Android world. For you newcomers, you'll quickly find that you phone has many of the most important apps already loaded -- Google Maps, Facebook, a basic music player, etc. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. After the break, take a gander at some of our must-have apps for the Evo 4G.

Top apps for your Evo 4G

Barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner

From time to time on this site and others you'll see some bar codes (usually a square black-and-white deal) embedded in stories -- usually in stories about apps. You use this app to scan those bar codes, which can take you directly to the app in the Android Market, or to a web page. Or to some other download. It's a great tool, and a great shortcut for getting things done. Free. [Market linkApp Brain]

Spare Parts

Spare Parts is an app from the Market that puts the most useful Android developer tools at your fingertips.  Things like changing animation speeds, a quick look at system usage, and very detailed battery usage information.  Spare Parts is like the emergency toolbox in the trunk of your car.  It sits quietly available until you need it, then it's indispensable. Free [Market Link | App Brain]

App Brain


Another shortcut to find and install apps is AppBrain. You load the AppBrain app on your phone, go to the AppBrain website and the two talk to each other. It's not quite the same as installing apps directly from the Market via a web page, but it's close. [Web site | Market link]

Google Voice 

google voice

Well, not really much to say about Google Voice. Many of you have heard about Google Voice, and what a great service it is, and the newest version of the Android application allows for you to take full advantage of the great features. If you are in need of an invite for Google Voice, head over here, and sign up for your invite now. The application itself is free, only requirement is to have a valid Google Voice invite or account. [Market Link | AppBrain]

AudioManager Pro

One thing missing from Android is easy, effective audio profile management.  Enter AudioManager Pro.  $1.99 gets you complete control over the sounds your phone makes, with presets and skinnable widgets.  In fact, this app handles things so well I won't even complain about not having a native way to manage sound profiles.  Much.  [Market Link | App Brain]

Advanced Task Manager 


If you have read anything in the forums, blogs, or anywhere else about Android, odds are you have heard about task killers, and are rather confused by all the rumors. Advanced Task Manager is a great application that has all the needs of a task killer, presents them well and ensures maximum functionality from the application. Before you go jumping to any conclusions about task killers, be sure to check out how Jerry says to properly set them up, and then make a decision. For $1, the application is well worth it, and once properly set up it can sure make your device experience an extremely smooth one. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Astro File Manager 


So, adding music, files, pictures and more to your device or memory card can be great, since you will have all of your information and favorite things with you on the go, but well, how do you explore them? One thing the Android OS lacks is a solid way to navigate your SD card to find files, but no worries Astro File Manager is a great free addition to any Android device. The interface is extremely basic, it allows you to explore your SD card, move, rename, delete and back up files while on the go. Not much else to be said besides its a must have for any new device, and will certainly gain a lot of usage on any given device. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Adobe Reader 


We all know that not everyone will be using their new Evo 4G for all fun, and sometimes you will have to open those pesky work emails which include some PDF files. Well, using Adobe Reader, the experience of having to view these files is one that will no longer be frowned upon, and the features of the application are quite awesome. With pinch to zoom, reflow view and a few other great features reading these PDF files while on the go is rather easy, and a task you will no longer hate to do. [Market Link | AppBrain]


doubleTwist for Android

One of the first thing's you'll want to do with your new Evo is get some movies, your favorite podcasts, and music on the thing. And for that, we recommend doubleTwist. It looks, feels and acts like iTunes, makes it easy to sync music, and also searches the Android Market. Not to mention it's an excellent podcatcher. Check out our latest review of doubleTwist here.

Android Central Widget 


Not much to say besides, why would you not want this on your device? Although in the market for a little while, the recent update gained it some exposure, and well, it's a must have. The two options allow you to chose which way you want the widget presented, and this way you won't miss any of the newest headlines that we are posting! Keep informed, download it now! [Market Link | AppBrain]


Front facing camera?  High-end Android device?  Video chat?  We love Fring.  You will too we think.  It's free, it's available now, and it works with any high-end Android device that has a camera, which is all of them.  Yes, there may be a pre-installed app on your phone that has video chat, but options are what Android is all about.  Free [Market Link | App Brain]

Aldiko Book Reader

Put that 4.3-inch screen to good use with Aldiko Book Reader.  Thousands of free downloadable books, and you can even import any ePub file right into your bookshelf.  Very customizable, night mode, bookmarks, Aldiko pretty much has it all and makes for a great full featured e-book reader.  Free (premium version available) [Market Link | App Brain]

These apps should be a great start, and with 50,000 apps on the Android Market (give or take), you're sure to find a few more great ones.  Shout out in the comments and let us all know what your must have apps are!

Jared DiPane
Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.
  • Hell yeah. Thanks for the advice.
  • what about that battery % in the status bar? Where can I find that?
  • +1 I too would like to see the percentage. Any good recommendations for an app for that?
  • you can turn off and on the battery % in spare parts!! :)
  • I don't see this option anywhere in Spare Parts. Can you tell me where to find it? Thanks!
  • you have to be rooted for this.
  • Get the 'Battery Widget' widget. It tells you your battery charge percentage, press the widget and you can toggle wifi, gps, bluetooth, and your display/brightness settings in order to manager your battery life.
  • search systray by creafire in the market
  • Battery Time Lite will give u a % in the status bar. Just put as a widget on one of ur 7 screens and then set it in settings to place % in status bar.
  • Thank you plenty for this. I'm new to Android and really needed a
    good head start. Was about to ask about a file manager in the forums.
  • Wow I didn't know about audio manager. That is nice.
  • I think I might get that audio manager especially if it has a way to disable the auto-gain control/auto high gain mic function. my samsung moment with AGC disabled recorded pretty damn good audio, but my evo recordings sound like complete crap with that damn AGC. Does this do that? Does this app have a control for that or does anyone know how I can adjust that? I recall my moment having a checkbox in system settings but I just can't seem to find that on my evo.
  • Solid picks all around.. I would only replace DoubleTwist with bTunes for media player. bTunes is a paid app, but worth its $1.50 in gold.
  • I think memory usage plus is a better pick for task killer. More informative information and the ability to automate the process
  • Task Panel X I think is the most capable and refined. Has great autokill and ignore-kill functionality.
  • Another great app is the 'ShootMe' app. Runs in the background. Shake your Evo and it takes a screen-shot and saves it in your photo gallery.
  • If you work & need to edit Word docs and spreadsheets, it helps to have Documents to Go by DataViz. I don't work for them or make any cash by mentioning it. It's just damn useful to have -- until Google Docs are editable via Android devices.
  • Does audiomanagr help the N1 volume problems?
  • ?
  • Anybody know of a way to disable the automatic gain control/high gain setting on Evo? Other Android phones can do it. It's killing me. I guess I'll have to wait for a stock rom to come out.
  • DoubleTwist? Getting away from iTunes is one reason I left the iPhone. Why would I want to go back to something that looks, feels, and acts like that mess?
  • does anyone know if there is an ereader app for android that allows you to read lit. Files?
  • LOL Say hello to the newbie. That's me waving back. I am so thankful for this particular post. I've been trying to wade through the market place and it was a bit daunting. Add to the fact that I am a WebOS convert and I had a bit of frustration going on. Thanks for the tips!
  • is the evo set up to allow you to view and edit documents?
  • download DataViz Documents to Go... viewing word and excel docs is free, the upgrade app will give you editing for the main four document types
  • AppBrain App, AudioManager Pro are just great.
  • Be sure to try out the 3 (in superscript, as in cubed) music player app. I know HTC includes a music player with Sense that is better than stock Android, but 3 gives you so many choices for browsing your music: a cube, vertical cover flow, and 2 others. Every person I show it to, even iPhone folks, are thoroughly impressed with the UI.
  • also download Meebo! Best IM app on Android IMO
  • These seem to be a fairly practical bunch of apps which is fair enough for 1st time android users but I'll add some fun apps to the list... Please bare in mind I'm sadly not an Evo user (yet!) but have been an Android user since 1.0 on my old G1 (currently with a Hero patiently waiting for my 2.1 update!) so appologies if any of these apps don't work on the Evo or come preloaded on it... Practical apps: AppAware
    Quick Settings
    Handcent SMS
    Sticky Note
    Jotter Fun apps: Google Sky Map
    My Tracks
    Metal Detector
    Music Junk or imusic Tao or MP3 Download Pro
    News Buzz Widget
    Mobile Buzz Widget (set to Android!) It goes without saying there are many, many more so get exploring!
  • Thanks for all the info will be sure to use it when i get my EVO
  • Thanks for these links.Even though I don't have the EVO yet, I sure will soon.
    I already had some of these on my AppBrain list, but thanks for the post...LOVE apps!
  • Wow I'm surprised that nobody commented on this! With The EVO just out you would have thought the comments would have exploded on this post... Maybe the iPhone 4 announcement took away from the EVO launch luster?
  • Don't forget Audible
    Amazon MP3 Store App
    News Room
    Tower Raiders
  • Love Barcode Scanner, but Google Goggles does more, IMO.
  • i need a good free task killer
  • now i need a notepad for my evo... help please
  • I use evernote, couldn't live without it!
  • Depending on the kind of notes you want to save it may also be worth checking out Jotter, though tbh I mainly use Sticky Note widget just for quick reminders
  • Spare parts is not in the marketplace tonight...
  • Question/Help.. I installed TaskPanel X on my Evo and my battery now lasts the entire day :) Everything seems to be working fine BUT now I no longer receive email alerts. No flashing light nothing. I have both "Messages" & "Mail" in my ignore list but still nothing. What do I need to do to turn these alerts back on? Thanks.....
  • The Market link to Barcode Scanner appears to point to Google Voice. Other than that, great post for a newbie Evo owner like me. Thanks.
  • It's been a while since this list was published. How about an "end of summer updated list" that you guys can put out? Especially since more EVO's have finally been in stock and there are lots of new EVO/Android users out there (myself included). Thanks!