Android Auto finally gets an option to disable notification sounds

Android Auto No Touch
Android Auto No Touch (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has quietly added an option to disable notification sounds in version 5.0.500224 of the Android Auto app.
  • The "No sound from notifications" toggle can be found in the Android Auto settings.
  • Notifications will, however, still remain stuck on the screen until you dismiss them.

Google rolled out the first major update for Android Auto last year, bringing a more intuitive user-interface and support for more input methods. However, one thing that the update did not address was the ability to disable notification sounds. Fortunately, Google has finally introduced the highly anticipated option in the new 5.0.500224 version of the Android Auto app.

Android Auto Silence Notifications Toggle

Source: grantbc on Reddit (Image credit: Source: grantbc on Reddit)

Once you have updated the Android Auto app, you will find a new toggle labeled "No sound from notifications" in settings. After you turn the toggle on, your music will no longer be interrupted when you receive a new notification.

According to some users on Reddit (via XDA Developers), notifications still pop-up and stay on the screen. They will go away only after you dismiss them. It is possible that the bug will be fixed in an upcoming version of the Android Auto app, although Google hasn't officially confirmed the same.

If you don't see the new toggle in your Android Auto app already, you should try updating it to the latest version from the Google Play Store.

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