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Android App Review: BaconReader

Not too long ago we mentioned a new Reddit app called BaconReader for Reddit. The screenshots looked so clean and slick I decided I had to try it out and give it the courtesy of a full-blown review. After having spent some time with it, I'm glad I did.

If any of you members of the Android Central nation are also Redditors, you know how hard it is to find a good Reddit app in the Market. Interfaces aren't intuitive, comment threads are a mess, and clicking links opens up your browser, which takes away time from more browsing.

BaconReader manages to remedy all of those things in a tight, beautiful package. The interface is incredibly minimalist, with white and grey being the dominant colors. The monochromatic look of it gives an almost metallic look, not overbearing on the eyes while also not being boring to look at. It's so efficiently tidy, it just works.

If you tap any thread, you'll be taken either to the link it links to or the text. If there's loads of comments on it, the comment thread is not only color-coded, but also optimized for your mobile screen. Long paragraphs are neatly arranged within the confines of your display, and that's a victory in and of itself.

You can also login to your Reddit account, and from there, post or change your preferred subreddits, all from the app. If you tap the "front page" button, you'll be given a dropdown menu of all the subreddits you're subscribed to, and if you tap the "what's hot" button, you can filter your results based on what's new, rising, top, etc.

Posting from BaconReader is also a breeze. Simply tap the top-right button (that looks suspiciously similar to a generic compose button), and you're taken to the submit screen. From here you can submit a link, type in text, or upload a picture, just like you would on Reddit's full site.

There's also the ability to both check your received messages and send messages, all from inside BaconReader. Add in a fully-featured settings menu that lets you define if thumbnails are loaded, if you open links from inside the app, or what domains are black or whitelisted (to name a few), and you've got what is probably the most powerful mobile Reddit experience available in the palm of your hand.

BaconReader for Reddit is by far the best Reddit app on Android right now, hands down. The clean interface, ease of use, and powerful rendering of Reddit all put this one ahead of the pack, and if you're even a light user of Reddit, I wouldn't go without it.

BaconReader for Reddit is free in the Android Market. We've got pictures and download links after the break.

  • reddit is fun
  • I use BaconReader and Reddit Is Fun. I can't really decide which one I like more. I like some of the features in BaconReader more, but I like the way Reddit Is Fun looks more.
  • Exactly. Bacon Reader is great, but I prefer the look of Reddit is Fun.
  • Really? Reddit Is Fun was my go-to Reddit app ever since I got my Android phone, but BaconReader has a way better interface.
  • Tried it. Just didn't do it for me.
  • So no real bacon? Sigh... One day there WILL be an app for that ("click here to download bacon")
  • (shamelessly stolen from
  • I still use BaconReader occasionally, but for the most part have switched to Reddionic.
  • Why?
  • BaconReader has replaced my long-time favorite, reddit is fun, as my new favorite Reddit app for Android. That said, it unfortunately still falls short of my favorite reddit app of all time, Alien Blue (from when I had my iPhone and iPad). By far the best Reddit app of all time. All time.