Android 2.3.6 rolling out to some Nexus S owners - Fixes voice search, breaks tethering

Some Samsung Nexus S owners are seeing Android 2.3.6 roll out to their devices. We say some, because not all devices and not all carriers appear to be supported as of yet, though Google states the update will be rolled out over time and in some cases -- depend on carrier approval.

Sprint has an update, GWK15F, posted on their site while folks in Canada on Rogers and Fido are also seeing an update marked as being GRK39C. Mysteriously missing though is anyone getting updates on a T-Mobile or AT&T Nexus S.  The update is said to correct a voice search bug, but at the same time, its been confirmed to also break WiFi and USB tethering across all devices which have thus far received the update.

All rather strange, really. If you get the update notification however, you may wish to consider putting it off until some more info is gathered up about what, exactly is going on with it. That said; if you got the update then by all means -- let us know in the Android Central forums so we can get some clarification happening for others.

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  • See, this is the bad thing about Android. Udpates are trickled and it also comes down to whether a carrier approves them or not. No wonder there is so much fragmentation. Updates should be pushed to ALL Android phones straight from Google. And not leave it up to carriers.
  • While they are at it, the Google execs should start wearing black turtlenecks and start suing the crap out of anyone that breathes.
  • Only problem with that is it is impossible, all android phones are using android sources to build their own os. Each phone has heavy modifications to the aosp so they are in charge of the updates.
  • Do you want carriers to sell the phones?
  • no. Carriers need to STFU and start selling a SIM card with XXX amount of data per month on it and stop trying to do anything else.
  • at&t did the same thing to some iOS updates when the iPhone added tethering and MMS. How quickly people forget... Look, we live in a global market, where not all things are equal and it will take time for all the moving parts to come to agreement on things. I'm happy to have the Nexus device on Sprint even if it means that some updates might take a day or two rather than the many months the Epic folks have been waiting to get GB. BTW - the Sprint update adds Google Wallet. Bring it!
  • What difference is going from Android 2.3.4 to Android 2.3.6 if you don't have a Nexus? I understand there is somewhat of a fragmentation problem. But I think it's more about hardware than software. You have all these crappy phones degrading the Android name. I think Google should have minimum hardware specs and enforce it by limiting access to the Android Market to ones that meet the requirements.
  • You should know that iOS and WP7 also suffer from this kind of "fragmentation ".
  • Once again, a demonstration of why I'll never own another samsung device, not even a TV. Still ticked off about my epic, I wanted to like it but it just didn't work.
  • Weird im still at GRJ90...
  • ...
  • lets see if this works again. isnt the whole point of a nexus is for pure Google experience? i mean that is i heard since droid/nexus prime i want pure google. well then why doesnt google just release it for all the S the only modification carriers need is making sure their radios works that it.
  • If I hear fragmentation one more fucking time. Bunch of I-Phone fan boys who need to be told what to put on their phones. If you don't like what is on your phone, root the damn thing and put what you want and quit belly aching. Try that on I-Phones. You can't. Android is the easiest platform to hack, that is why I enjoy it. The average I-Phone owner doesn't know the difference from download and upload. Quit the crying and be happy we have great Android phones to choose from. Apple doesn't have choices. The Android devices are getting so freaken powerful it is just mind blowing. I love it.
  • "Android is the easiest platform to hack" Actually, it would be more correct to say it is the easiest VIABLE platform to hack. webOS phones are way easier to hack, no complete ROMs required. Of course HP killed it webOS, which is why I am back here looking at Android again, and avoiding Samsung like the plague after my Epic foray into green robot land last year...
  • So just out of curiosity. Is there a way these days to buy an Android phone that will not just have stock OS but will also receive updates straight from Google without any say from the carrier. As far as I know my nexus one does that but I bought it way back in the day when Google itself sold it and it's on WindMobile. Speaking of which, anybody here has a Nexus S on Wind? Did you get the update?
  • the carrier aproval is more of timeframe to release the update, they dont want 2 or more phones having a update while a hot phone is being released, because that would bog down their network and create issues. the updates themselves are controlled by google but when they get pushed is by the carriers.
  • Regardless of this update and all I really wish we had some real explanation behind Verizon getting exclusive to Droid Prime. That just seems really unfair to the rest of the market. So now your telling all your original Nexus S folks on T-Mobile and now your newer ones on Sprint that sorry.... Your screwed, go to Verizon if you want to keep rocking a Nexus... Completely uncalled for... I sure hope I'm proven wrong and we still get a shot at the Nexus Prime or version of it on Sprint.
  • I think it's probably that Droid Prime will be a Verizon version of Nexus Prime, at least I hope so.
  • You realize that's still just a rumor, right?
  • Yes I do, that is why I said I hope that I'm proven wrong and other carriers still get a chance at new Nexus goodness. Being a recent Samsung Epic to Nexus S 4g person, I had my mind set originally on a SGSii but I like many others are second guessing that decision to go with the SGSii due to Sammy still not showing its changed its poor updates and would probably continue with this same trend on the SGSii line. So I am currently loving rocking the Nexus S 4g and would like to continue this experience on the Nexus Prime :)
  • I also came from an Epic to the Nexus in the last two weeks. I can't imagine anyone that owned a US version of the Galaxy S I wanting to buy a Galaxy S II. It's the same story over again great hardware that will never see an update. And no one can say Samsung will update the S II timely yet, hopefully they do. But I can't imagine them supporting it any better than they did the current phone that are still left on Froyo.
  • You do realize that Froyo is still the dominate Android OS right? that is across all manufacturers BTW
  • I have a fundamental problem with a Nexus device getting updates to disable features at carrier requests.
  • i honestly dont care all to much about that because you can easily root the thing then put wifi tether on it, yes its harder, but i am actually suprised that tethering lasted this long
  • Hear hear. absolutely agree just too many people complaining over nothing personally I think the next person who complains should have his Android taken away and made to do with an iPhone. I'm sure after a few days they'd realise just how good an Android is in comparison. If you'd leave them with the iPhone for a couple of Weeks they'd seriously be contemplating suicide. So be thankful for what we have because the alternative is just not an option,
  • How in the heck is this not in this article?????? Google Wallet!! Version Date released Description of enhancements/fixes GWK15F 8/15/2011
    This update:
    - Adds Google Mobile Wallet application
    - Adds Google Shopper application
  • does this update fix the keyboard lag! No matter what I do it still lags! The stock keyboard lags, swype lags everything! I just got this phone couple weeks ago and it is killing me! I dont have alot of apps... what do i DO!
  • return it and get the Atrix 4G. problem solved.
  • I haven't had any issues with keyboard lag... If you feel this is really happening and have tried the usual factory resets, etc. then maybe its time for a trip to the Sprint store and ask for a replacement. Tell them its doing random reboots, laggy, etc... Friend of mine just got his replaced today using the same exact story only a few days into his new Nexus.
  • but I dont wanna replace it if I dont have too. I hate starting frmo sratch again ya know? I have had 3 replacments already. First one cuz it didnt chagre to 100 percent which I found out they all are like that... second one imediately returned cuz home button was broken and this third one is great but lags hard on keyboard... any sugguestions where I can keep my settings on here?
  • Man , these "Carrier approval" things are annoying , even if you have unbranded phone , they get to say when an update is released Thanks to the carriers in Europe , Motorola had to delay FroYo for almost 8 months , even for the unbranded MILESTONE™s (like mine)
  • Regarding the 2.3.5 update, wasn't that an exclusive update for the Nexus S 4G to fix it Radio problems ?
  • I have the Nexus S 4g and have yet to recive any type of update im still on 2.3.5 and I even did *#*#Checkin#*#*# (2432546) and got nadda. I just want Google Wallet
  • I now have 2.3.7 on my Nexus S on Sprint!