Google explains Android 12's new Internet Panel, says it's 'more intuitive'

Android 12
Android 12 (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google tries to explain the thought process behind its new Internet tile in Quick Settings.
  • Google says it was the result of studies showing that the new UI helps avoid excess mobile data use.
  • Google plans to add additional changes with an upcoming Pixel Feature Drop.

Android 12 introduced many UI changes, most notably to the Quick Settings menu. One change that users have not been too ecstatic about is the new Internet Panel, which combines and replaces the standalone Wi-Fi and Data toggles. Google has apparently noticed the complaints because now it's trying to defend the changes.

In a community post on Monday, Google explained its thought process behind the new Internet Panel. The complaint is that users can no longer toggle data or Wi-Fi on or off which the tab of a button; the Internet tile opens a separate menu where mobile data and Wi-Fi connections can be viewed, and from there they can be toggled on or off, effectively adding a step to the process.

From our user studies, we found that the majority of users turn off Wi-Fi in order to force their phone to connect to cellular. This is usually done in response to a poor Wi-Fi connection and the lack of an alternative way to get the phone to explicitly connect to the user's carrier.Users who turn off Wi-Fi will often forget to turn Wi-Fi back on again, resulting in possible excess mobile data usage.

Google says that it implemented the change to make it easy to switch to mobile data "with two quick taps" to alleviate users of a "pain point" they had on some of the best Android phones. While acknowledging that the change took some getting used to, users ultimately found it to be a more intuitive solution.

Additionally, while Google notes that the new Internet Panel can't be accessed from the lock screen at the moment, that functionality should come in an upcoming quarterly Pixel Feature Drop.

While we didn't get a Pixel Feature Drop last month due to Android 12's impending release, we should expect one in December where this and new features are expected to arrive on the Pixel 6.

And while you may not like it, Google apparently did not implement the change without putting some thought into it. However, that may not be good enough for users that prefer to have one-touch access to these settings.

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  • Hate it. I have unlimited data so I don't care about the overage. I liked the one touch. Google did same thing to blogger: added a bunch of unnecessary steps that only make engineers happy
  • I hope Samsung doesn't implement that change on their final One Ui 4 version.
    I prefer separate quick settings panels for mobile data and wifi like we have now.
  • Google needs to change it back. The extra clicks are dumb.
  • I would guess the greater majority NEVER go to that button. I never had a need to go to a separate wifi or internet button and don't really care. If you are worried that an extra press is required and will tax your body; time to get some serious exercise.
  • One of the worst changes in Android 12. It just makes no sense to call something a Quick Setting when it's no longer a proper toggle. Bring back the toggle!!!
  • This doesn't sound good 😮😩 I use single tap to turn off WiFi all the time. It's bad enough they're reducing the number of quick settings panels, let along making them not actually quick settings! Hopefully Tasker will come to the rescue but it shouldn't have to for this sort of basic functionality. Haven't been offered the update on my Pixel 5 yet and sounds like I should wait for the next monthly update before doing anything anyway!