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Search easily is the most powerful part of Google and Android. If you don't use the Search button on your phone on a regular basis, you're missing out. And did you know you can change what the search button searches?

Hit it once, and you're taken to the search menu. From there you're see results as you type. Pretty night. Tap on the big G that's there by default, and you can narrow your search. In our example here, you can search everything, web, apps or contacts.

Press the little settings button (the one that looks like a gear), and you can add and remove apps that will be search. Your list will look different from ours depending on what apps you have installed and what phone you're on.

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Android 101: Change what the search buttons searches


Great tip! I always thought the Google g was thwre for decoration, and i hahad always been irritated that the search function wouldnt bring up contacts. Fixed!!

Thanks, I didn't know you could change this!
One difference (as you stated in your article): on my DInc running 2.2, the settings button doesn't appear as it does in the above picture. I have to press the menu button to change the settings.

Cool! I didn't know that. Added a few things to search. I rarely use that button. I usually forget about it but I didn't know it could be so powerful.

i find there are many small things like this in Android that could be made much easier to do.

even things like "staring" an item in google maps.

you got to click on the location and notice that tiny star at the top that you can barely see.

its soo annoying.

as a techy i dont mind too bad, but i feel for many regular people, they will never know any of it.

It's still doesn't hold a flame to the way webOS does it, but, this will certainly make it much easier to switch. Thanks for the Head's Up!