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Gmail text size

Here's another simple one that's buried too far down in Gmail's settings. You can change the size of Gmail's text, if you're so inclined. Just hit the menu button, the choose More, then Settings. Then choose which account you want to change the text size on. Tap "Message text size," and pick your poison.

We have no idea why this isn't a global setting, and you instead need to choose which account you want to change size on. But at least it's an option, right?

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Android 101: Change Gmail's text size


I know there's an app for sms and Google talk text size, and the gmail font size as discussed in the article, but does anyone know of an app or system setting to increase overall system font size? Preferably one that does not require root so I can install it for my customers.

Why is this setting different for different accounts? Ummm. Maybe because different accounts are for different people with different eyesight issues?

The real question is, with Android becoming an OS for shared devices (tablets live on the coffee table, to be used by whoever picks them up), when will it become a truly multi-user system with separate settings by login? (if Honeycomb already supports this, never mind)

I would use the Gmail app if I could do this to the message list text. I have to wonder why they haven't made that an option yet.