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And Yes, Nexus One Gets Reviewed

The oh so lucky guys at the Nexus One Blog got their hands on the Nexus One and one-upped the other hands-on that came out today with a full review. They go through the Nexus One in full detail and come out pretty darn impressed at the device. To summarize:

  • The display screen on this phone is simply incredible. There has yet to be any device out on the market to date that looks as crisp and clear as the Nexus One.
  • Responsiveness to touch on the screen is definitely on par with the iPhone. There are no delays when touching apps and moving from screen to screen.
  • Photos and video are just average, and very similar to all of the rest of HTC’s devices in the market as well as the Motorola Droid.
  • The phones speed is simply amazing. Navigating through the phone, installing applications, and surfing the web is blazingly fast.

It looks like everyone that has actually gone hands-on with the Nexus One has walked away mighty impressed with the device. It's looking like a foregone conclusion that this will be the Android phone to get once released. We can't wait to get our own grubby hands and prying eyes on it!

  • actually the fact they say the camera is the usual HTC crap means the Sony Ericsson X10 will be the android phone to get..,
  • They say the resolution is 720x480. Slip or fact? Why not 854x480?
  • Sold! I'm waiting for Verizon's HTC Incredible. (I know. A lot of assumptions on my part, here.)
  • The screens are the same resolution, it's just the video quality that got confused with the screen. The droid and Nexus 1 take the same quality video. DVD 720x480.
  • I was thinking the same thing about the display. The Nexus One has a 3.7" diagonal measure (same as the Droid), but at 720x480 it's a 3:2 aspect ratio (same as the iPhone), making it a little shorter and wider than the Droid (in portrait mode). As the math works out, the Nexus One screen area is 8% larger than the Droid (6.32 sq. in. vs. 5.85 sq. in.), but the Droid's pixel density is 28% higher than the Nexus One. Either of these blows the iPhone away, but based solely on the specs, the Nexus One doesn't quite match up to the Droid. That said, at some point the human eye doesn't benefit from increased pixel density, and the only benefit that increased density offers is bragging rights.
  • Why are the Droid's users dissing this phone, it's a Tmo/At&t phone, meaning you all won't be able to use it. Since It's shows that y'all love y'all Droid so much, go play with your "Zune of the phone world" little brick with a crappy keyboard and leave the future Nexus One users alone with our amazing little device.
  • Can't all we Android lovers just get along?
  • Dissing it? No, i think it's a pretty cool phone....but
    it's 2010. Why put a crappy track ball on such a cool phone? Why?
    Trackballs suck! They should have put an optical pad on it(trackpad).
  • I prefer the trackball over a optical pad although I prefer the toggle (Nokia 6600) over the trackball. The trackball gives you a tactile feedback while the optical pad does not.
  • I love my brick :D
  • does anyone know of any updates on the rumor that its going to have att 3g bands?
  • I saw that resolution business as well, and I saw later that he mentioned recording a video and its resolution was 720x480. My question then is, could it be that the res was just the level the video records at and not what the screen itself is?
  • The reviewer has no idea what he is talking about. He claims the 3 bronze circles next to the microphone are for the on-board noise canceling feature. Ummm, okay, sure. OR, in reality, the contacts could be used for something that makes complete sense, like a D-O-C-K-I-N-G Station. Then he doesnt have a clue about the screen resolution and then says he got his numbers from the video he recorded using the phone. He also talks about Snapdragon and QSD8250 like they were two different things. Ugh...
  • I totally agree with all the things you point out. Those are the exact same thoughts I had. What a waste. And I hate their snowball spam created on Twitter about winning a Nexus One.
  • Are these the same pics from the Engadget review? Do they even have the phone?
  • The screen on the Nexus One is better than the Droid only because its AMOLED...
  • The DROID has an AMOLED,nitwit. The Nexus One has an OLED. I think everyone needs to get their facts straight (me included) ;D.
  • The Motorola Droid has an OLED screen, the Nexus One has the AMOLED.
  • Cian is correct.
  • Why would Droid users be dissing this phone? If anything they should be celebrating it. A higher Nexus One buy rate means a higher Android adoption rate which in turns pulls more people to make apps for Android. In turn this makes Droid owners happier as well. Here's a Droid owner hoping for the success of the nexus one!
  • I Agree. Android still has a low adoption rate overseas. Google selling it directly and unlocked will boost Android adoption abroad.
  • In what way is Android not truly multi tasking? What does WebOS do with Cards? I thought that Cards are like Activities. But seems like they are not?
  • Ideal Google Phone Bands: Universal Bands for use as a World Phone
    Processor: Snapdragon
    Camera: 5MP w/ flash and Video Recording at DVD quality
    Operating System: Android 2.1+ w/ a more in depth categorizing of apps in the market so to make it an easier system than the apple app store. Also include an Android version of Blackberry Messenger.
    Browser: with all desktop style browser features added (flash....)
    Ram: 1GB
    ROM: 512Mb-1GB
    Device Memory: 4GB
    External Memory: SDHC 32GB compatibility (Ship w/ 16GB)
    Screen Size: equal to the HTC HD2
    Resolution: comparable to the droid
    Headset Jack: 3.5mm
    connection chord: micro USB
    Bluetooth: V3.0
    usual android buttons: Back, Menu, Home, Search(Haptic feedback)
    Screen option: mirrored screen when unlit
    Multi-touch for all that are envious of the iphone (not me)
  • The UI looks really snappy, can't wait to get one.
  • Sounds like a great phone, to bad it is coming to t-mobile. Great Phone + Crappy Network = iphone on At&t all over again. Have fun playing with your blazing fast phone with wifi only.
  • Those waiting for the Xperia X10 better get a clue....If you have an issue with an unlocked Nexus One at $530, wtf are you going to do when Sony announces their unlocked phone price for X10? That phone will not be cheap, so you better start saving if you are waiting for that phone. You better hope for a subsidized phone at this point, but even then it still won't come cheap. And we know how much some of you love to have great phones for next to nothing...
  • Loving my Nexus. Can't compare it to an iPhone, but then I am in the Google world: GoogleVoice, contacts, gmail, Calendar, Picassa. Very fast.
    Incredible screen. When I run into something where I say "Why can't I....?" I learn that I can. I just didn't know how, yet.
    My choice mainly boiled-down to:
    I've been very happy with T-Moblie--was looking to stay with them.
    And I wanted Google Voice.
  • ...and Protag - sorry T_mobile doesn't work in your area of the woods.
    3G here everywhere I want.
  • can anyone tell me precisely in millimeters how wide the display screen is on the nexus one?