Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 takes smartphone gaming to the next level

After the launch of the Evo Gamepad Pro in August last year, Amkette, an Indian lifestyle technology brand, has introduced an upgraded version of its wireless Bluetooth controller for Android smartphones, the Evo Gamepad Pro 2.

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 comes with media control buttons, and over 400 compatible games are available through the Evo Gamepad app (opens in new tab).

One of the key features in the Gamepad Pro 2 is the introduction of the sleep mode, which shuts down the gamepad when it is not in use for more than eight minutes. The new Evo Gamepad Pro also comes with an improved clamp spring for easy, safe, and convenient docking of your smartphone. The company claims that the improved trigger and bumper buttons provide better control and an enhanced user experience.

Commenting on the mobile gaming ecosystem in India, Rajiv Bapna, Director, Amkette, said:

We have received great response for the Evo Gamepad Pro. It has become huge with smartphone gamers. The upgraded version has some enhanced features and has the potential to become a necessity for Android gamers. Smartphone gaming in India continues to evolve. Last year, over 120 million Indians were called "Mobile Gamers". The number is going to increase in the coming year as well as the ecosystem around smartphone.

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 Specifications

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CategoryEvo Gamepad Pro 2
InterfaceWireless | Bluetooth 3.0
Buttons2 bumper buttons, 2 analog sticks, 2 analog triggers
Box ContentsEvo Gamepad Pro, tablet stand, micro-USB charging cable, quick start guide, app guide
MaterialABS, rubber
Battery400mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer
Operating Range10m
OS SupportedAndroid

Priced at ₹2,599 ($38), the Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 is exclusively available on Amazon India. The nifty accessory makes smartphone gaming more engaging when compared to using touchscreen controls. It may not be console gaming, but if you're one to play games like Clash of Clans on a daily basis, the Evo Gamepad Pro 2 is the accessory for you.

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Abhishek Baxi
  • Looks like my moga pro with a way smaller battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • moga pro media edition
  • Anyone know if this work for gear vr on a Samsung phone? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Should work just fine. I have a Moga Pro and it works just fine with the gear vr. Note you will likely need to have it is HID mode, the standard not "enhanced" mode.
  • From all the android games Clash of Clans would be the last on my list to play with a controller
  • I thought the exact same thing, Not sure if it would even be possible/practical to play it with one.
  • Meh Posted via the Android Central App
  • I bought the most expensive Moga controller. It's not that good because of the slight Bluetooth delay. Is there a good controller that you can physically plug into your phone? Google Nexus 6P
  • Odd, I am using Moga Power Pro controller which the most powerful one they make for android. I am using it with my Note 4 and Note Pro 122 tablet and have not noticed any bluetooth lag, maybe there is an app that is slowing down your bluetooth. I am using with 3d games and zen pinball and have not noticed a problem.
  • My ipega has almost the exact same look... how freaking original.