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Amazon's Show Mode docks turn the Fire HD 8 and 10 into Echo Shows

Alexa seems to have invaded just about all of Amazon's hardware products, including its Fire HD tablets. Hands-free Alexa functionality was rolled out to the Fire HD 10 last year, and following up on those efforts, Amazon's now releasing something called "Show Mode."

Show Mode will be available on the Fire HD 8 and 10 as part of an over-the-air update on July 2, and once it's enabled, Show Mode will essentially turn your tablet into a portable Echo Show.

With this on, you'll be able to ask Alexa to show you the weather, get lyrics to your favorite songs on Prime Music, start a video call with friends and family, and more. All of the same visual elements from the Echo Show and Spot are present with Show Mode, and to help you get the absolute most out of the new feature, Amazon's also launching Show Mode Charging Docks for both the Fire HD 10 and 8 that'll keep your device juiced up and automatically enable Show Mode once the tablet is docked.

The charging docks aren't required to use Show Mode, but they are a nice touch that should make the whole experience feel a little more complete. Also, if you've got a Fire HD 8, you'll need to be connected to power in order to use Show Mode.

Additionally, Amazon also announced its new Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet. Similar to other Kids Edition tablets Amazon's released, the 10-inch variant comes with a fully-featured Fire HD 10 tablet, rugged kid-proof case, two-year "worry-free" guarantee, and a free year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

If you're interested in any of this, here's what pricing for Amazon's new toys looks likes:

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  • Can you do this on the 7?
  • too bad you can't use just any tablet.
  • I would love to try this when the update is released. On that topic, it seems that I will have to bite the bullet and restore my Fire HD8 to stock.
    I had previously installed Google services/Playstore but I think that is the reason the tablet frequently becomes slow and bogged down - even though I mainly use it for Kindle books, light web surfing, YouTube and social media. I have to reboot the tablet every 3-4 days. It's annoying because I initially enjoyed the fact that I could leave it on for about a week before having to charge it.
  • "you'll be able to ask Alexa to show you the weather, get lyrics to your favorite songs on Prime Music"...I'm already able to do this on my Fire HD 10 (2017), so I'm confused what the release is adding.
  • I guess a charging dock holding the tablet at a good angle and an "always listening" mode.
  • Is this new dock compatible with the previous covers that Amazon sold with their tablets? or even with the "kids Edition" cases??
  • No, the dock comes with a special cover/case that has 'pogo' plugs that interface with the dock for charging, and initiate show mode when the case and dock are joined. It is quite well done, but precludes using any other case/cover on the tablet.
  • Hey guys quick question i got this kindle and it says from research i think its fire hd 8.9. Its serial starts with B0CB. I cant find anything anywhere if it will get show mode. Sys version 8.5.1_user. Thanks Chuck
  • No show mode in the uk for the HD10.
  • I picked up a refurbished HD 8 and subsequently the dock. It's a pretty nice setup. I have a couple of Shows, Spots and an assortment of Dots. On the dock the HD looks like a slightly bigger Show. The always listening feature works very well, and the microphone pickup is good. Not quite as good as the Show itself, but that thing has bionic hearing. The only shortcoming I have found at this point is that you cannot 'drop in' on the Fire in Show Mode from other Echos. I can drop in on my other Echos from the HD in Show Mode. That seems like it could be fixed/changed in software.