Amazon Prime Gaming: What is it, and why should I use it?

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Amazon Prime comes with a number of benefits for members, and one of these is Prime Gaming. At no extra cost, Amazon Prime members have access to in-game loot, free games, and more with their monthly subscription. While you don't have to take advantage of these offers, it's nice to know that they're available to you. We'll break down everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Gaming, and whether it's worth using.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming comes with every Amazon Prime membership, and acts as a service to bolster your gaming experience. As long as you link your Amazon and Twitch accounts, you'll be good to go. Every month, members get access to exclusive in-game loot, free games, and a free Twitch subscription.

What it's not is its own streaming service. This isn't the equivalent of Stadia, Amazon Luna, or even Xbox Game Pass. All Prime Gaming does is grant you some extra goodies and a handful of free games to play.

Amazon Prime Gaming: Benefits

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Free games

Prime Gaming members get a handful of free PC games every month that they can download and keep forever. The games in June 2022, for example, include Far Cry 4, Across the Grooves, Escape from Monkey Island, Calico, WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship, and Astrologaster. 

While some games are only available through the Amazon Games App on Windows 10, others can be downloaded through their native storefronts. Far Cry 4, for example, can be downloaded through Ubisoft Connect.

Free in-game items

Free in-game items can range from currency, cosmetic packs, and more in dozens of games. Offers sometimes end during the middle of the month, so you'll want to grab them while you can.

Twitch subscription

Prime members also get a free Twitch subscription each month (a $4.99 value) that can be used to support their favorite streamers. This also grants the ability to chat with fellow members, and you'll receive exclusive Twitch chat colors and emotes.

Amazon Prime Gaming: Price

Amazon Prime Gaming is a part of your normal Amazon Prime subscription for $12.99 per month, so you don't have to pay any extra for it. You can also sign up for a free 30-day trial and cancel anytime if you're not satisfied.

With Amazon Prime, you get a number of benefits, including free Prime Delivery (free two-day shipping or free same-day shipping in certain areas) and access to Prime Video, which features a number of original series and movies. You also get access to exclusive services like Prime Now and Prime Pantry, along with exclusive discounts.

Should I use Amazon Prime Gaming?

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If you already have Amazon Prime, you should absolutely take advantage of what Prime Game offers. It's completely included in your Prime subscription, so there's no reason not to.

However, if you're wondering whether you should get Amazon Prime specifically for Prime Gaming, then the answer is no. There's just not enough value for what it offers at $12.99 per month if you're only buying it for Prime Gaming benefits. If you're looking to buy Amazon Prime and play a lot ot of games, it's a solid deal. Just make sure you'll use most of the other benefits it grants you.

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