Amazon Music now a prime choice for Android Auto

Amazon Music is now available for Android Auto, bringing one of the better cloud music options to Google's in-dash infotainment system. It joins the likes of Google Play Music, Slacker, I Heart Radio, Spotify, TuneIn and others as part of the growing ranks of music apps available for Android Auto.

The short-short version is that if you're an Amazon Music fan, you'll find yourself at home here. The top-level menu brings Recently Played, Prime Stations, Playlists, Shuffle My Library and Shuffle My Offline Songs. You still don't get proper album/artist listings — again, that tap limit would come into play — but you still have a decent number of options.

Prime Stations (for Prime subscribers, natch) with all the expected popular artists and genres. The Now Playing view is pretty sparse — forward and back for tracks, and a shortcut to the queue. No skipping forward or repeating, no stars, now thumbs up.

All things being equal, Amazon Music is a simple but effective options for Android Auto.

Phil Nickinson