Amazon explains the Silk browser on the Kindle Fire

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What do you get when you take a traditional web browser, crunch it through some cloud servers, compress the data and make it more mobile friendly by sharing the load locally as well as in the back end? That's Amazon's Silk browser. Actually, it sounds a bit familiar, but it's going to get some prominent play on the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, which is likely to be a hot seller when it launches Nov. 15 for $199. Check out the video above for how it all works.

Source: Amazon Silk blog

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Phil Nickinson
  • I wonder if it will be available on other devices, with or without Amazon's approval?
  • i never liked skyfire for that reason. they run my content on their servers. i will never use any kind of cloud browser. and thats why we have 4g now
  • all 5GB of it
  • the fire coming out right now is wifi only. so sure next year when they have ones with data it would make more sense. but if i bought one id be side loading a different browser
  • wonder if this would be paid app on amazon app store for other devices later on with free app of the day to start with of course
  • I'd like to give it a shot on my Cm7 device. But I thought other 3rd party browsers like Opera already had this functionality. Maybe Amazon can just do it better?
  • As the article hints, in the link, Opera does the same thing (now its an optional setting). When you realize how much detritus is in your average web page, along with annoying scripts that some web designer thought were really cool, having a centralized engine to put that data stream on a diet makes a lot of sense. The difference here is Amazon has the server network to handle this, and Opera really doesn't. Even so, when I find my self in Edge land, opera is my go-to browser.
  • Only thing that I would be concerned with the image compression... if they make that "3mb" image 50kb.. what happens if I want to zoom in... it would look like ass...?
  • Where are the privacy advocates on this? All of the traffic is being decerned by their back end so not only do they get to sell you a device but will be able to track your 'interests' better to sell you more of their product. Resized images? What about content that's intended to be secure images (like CAPTCHA)? Good idea I guess as long I the end user can opt out of it when they want to.
  • Opera do the same? not really... I personally had no benefits from it... Dolphin is much better in speed... i really like how the stock browser works and look very clean as well... I hope they can make it similar, I love the speed of the dolphin mostly used on my tab 10.1, but entering a address and using tabs are just terrible. I use mostly stock but Dolphin is my favorite
  • it'd be nice if they SHOWED us the browser instead of just building it up for 6 minutes
  • Count me among the intrigued... if it really makes things that much faster, I could see the browser becoming a big selling point for Kindles as a tablet platform.
  • regardless of the browser, at $199 this thing will sell like hotcakes
  • so the browser works just like opera mini and skyfire.....
    the start of the video wants you to think out of the box so i can put you back in without realizing
  • Remember when this came out a few years ago and it was called SkyFire? And Opera Mini before that? This is nothing new. Hopefully for Amazon their customers don't care about security.
  • Dislike. First, No, I do not want your servers "learning" my behaviors. Next, I do not want your computers running my browser. It's my data, not yours. What if your server goes down... does my browser stop working? And a quick question... lets say it "optimizes" a lower quality version of an image to my device, what happens when I zoom in? Does it look like shit or reload? Will that take longer now to load the image all over again?
  • Amazon Silk s so innovative, going to be faster than any browsers with its split browser, compression technology like Opera Mini and studying page characteristics and users’ behaviours but going to fail privacy and security. Anybody who does not believe in Privacy and Security on Silk, they have an option to browse in off-cloud mode. So you have the option to choose the hi-speed cloud or off-cloud mode. Though Amazon uses the same compression technology as Opera Mini, Silk has additional features too. I would go for Silk. -