All three Galaxy S II's together is something to smile about

As if the anticipation hadn't already reached fever-pitch for these oft-teased phones, it looks like we've finally gotten conclusive looks at each of the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S II variants.

Aside from the clickable button that's on the international version, it looks like the only physical differences between the US Galaxy S II's is the degree of roundness on the corners, with T-Mobile being crowned the roundest.

Also, I'm not sure if this is pure Photoshop fail or an indication of things to come, but the Sprint version carries Samsung branding on top whereas the other two have carrier branding on top and Samsung branding above the four capacitive buttons. Only time will tell, we suppose. The good news is that we should find out Monday, weather permitting Tuesday. You win this one, Irene.

Oh, and look! There's still no Verizon phone in the picture.  LTE SGS II in the works?

Source: PocketNow

Joshua Munoz