All 2015 Sony Bravia TVs will run Android TV

Sony tonight at its CES press conference in Las Vegas announced that all of its 2015 Bravia television line will run Android TV under the hood. That's a big win for Google, as Samsung today announced that all of its new TVs would run its own Tizen-based OS, and LG put more stock in webOS 2.0 for its connected televisions at its early morning press conference. That's not to say that neither Samsung nor LG might run Android TV at some point — it just hasn't been the message here at CES so far.

Sony said it'll translate Android TV to 42 languages at launch later this year, and support games from Google Play. Google Cast will work as expected, letting you send content over from your phone or tablet. And there will be a smartwatch app as well, Sony said.

This one's breaksclusiving from our Sony presser liveblog.

Phil Nickinson