Alcatel announces the POP 4, POP 4+ and POP 4S

Alcatel has unveiled the new POP 4 series of smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company's new line-up of handsets focuses on strong customization, enabling you to really make your smartphone represent you as a person. The series is made up of the POP 4, POP 4+ and POP 4S.

There's a choice of fashionable covers to customize the smartphone, including Hairline-Brushed, Leather, Wood and Baby Skin. These options combined with the sleek-looking and slim chassis makes the POP 4 an attractive handset to use. Add 4G LTE (for the POP 4S) connectivity into the mix and you're rocking fast internet in style.

Both the POP 4 and POP 4+ sport 8MP rear shooters, while the POP 4S has a 13MP main camera. All three models come with a 5MP front-facing selfie machine. The former two are powered by quad-core CPUs and the POP 4S has an octa-core processor for improved gaming and multi-tasking. As the top-end of the POP 4 family, this particular option also includes fingerprint recognition tech and JBL headsets.

We'll look forward to more details surrounding both pricing and availability in due course.

Press Release

MWC, Barcelona, 22 February, 2016 – ALCATEL announces POP 4 series, a full line of customizable smartphones with design and performance in mind. The iconic POP 4 series includes variants of POP 4, POP 4+ and POP 4S. These smartphones offer customization – from style, color, design, size, performance to user experience.

"To consumers in their early 20's, the POP 4 smartphone is 'designed by you, inside and out,'" said CW Park, Chief Designer and General Manager of Global Design Center at ALCATEL. "The POP 4 series offers a huge collection of covers to fit every personality. It's the ultimate tailor-made smartphone because customization is always a top priority for us"

Fashionable, With Superior Design

The POP 4 series offers a choice of four fashionable cover collections to customize a look: Hairline-Brushed, Leather, Wood and Baby Skin. Top that off with a slim body, curved design and fully laminated display for a premium look that users will adore.

Great Camera Experience

POP 4 and POP 4+ carry 8 Mpxl rear cameras for clear shots and 5 Mpxl front cameras with wide viewing angle for better group selfies.

The POP 4S's 13 Mpxl rear camera and 5 Mpxl front camera offers ultra-fast focus (PDAF); large sensor size for clear, bright pictures; a dual-tone flash for accurate color rendering, bright night shots and selfies.

Premium Performance and User Experience POP 4 and POP 4+ runs quad-core CPU and the top-of-the-line POP 4S integrates an octa-core powerful CPU and 4G LTE category 6. This feature puts users in the fast lane for always more streaming and gaming connectivity. In addition, the POP 4S includes fingerprint recognition for maximized security. Its JBL headsets and Hi-Fi sound allow for a great multimedia experience right at your fingertips.

The big powerful battery makes sure users can party as long as they want. With a "quick charge" function, consumers can charge their battery to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

Rich Edmonds