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You'll probably want a case for your Galaxy S8 after seeing these photos

The Galaxy S8 series, beautiful as it may be, is covered in glass. And while Samsung is using Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides to protect against scratches, with enough surface area, and an impact hard enough to cause damage, the substrate can crack and break. Such is glass.

One of our writers, Matt Brown, already went through this with his five day-old S8, but now forum member jfreeusa has some brutal photos of a new Galaxy S8 with an extensive network of cracks after a fall.

Bought the Samsung S8 and unfortunately dropped it the first day and it shattered like glass. I cannot believe Samsung is doing this to us. The screen is gorilla glass which is great then they have the nerve to charge 600-800+ for a phone made of something so fragile. Where I bought it they did not have a case for it. I say buy a case first then the phone.


It's not clear how the phone was dropped, nor from how high, but there are three clear points of impact that spider out to the center of the back. It's quite a sight to behold, actually.

There are ways to protect the Galaxy S8 if it's dropped — we have a list of great cases for the S8 — but the best solution is just to be careful with the phone. If that's not possible, a Galaxy S8 Active is likely on its way to AT&T in the next few weeks.

Have you had an experience with a dropped or cracked Galaxy S8?

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  • i have the ultra thin case from Samsung on it, I don't know if it protects it very well, but it helps me quickly find the fingerprint sensor
  • "I can't believe Samsung is doing this to us" - What? They made you drop your phone the day you bought it?..
  • Right there with you. How in the world is this Samsung's fault? He needs to take responsibility for your own actions.
  • I had the Samsung Police visit demanding I purchase one..... I remember my old Nokia bouncing and skittering along the pavement, front and back covers and battery popping off like it was a racecar absorbing impact. I snapped it all back together and aside from scuffs, all was well. The case for my Pixel arrived before the phone and it's rarely out of it.
  • Seriously. What an idiot.
  • The different impact points make et look like he dropped it down a flight of stairs. Regular floor would only leave one impact point.
  • Glass on the back of the phone is the stupidest thing I ever heard of. Really missing the Lumia phones, everyone made fun of them for not being metal but man they were strong.
  • Right on! Glass is soooo stupid. and metal is over rated. Plastic is lighter and, ultimately, more wear resistant than a hard metal phone. Build a plastic phone currently, and it won't have any noticeable play or flex in hand (but will when it hits a hard surface.)
  • Haha I know right??? Just don't be such a klutz.
  • Fragile, it must be italian.
  • At least he didn't shoot his eye out
  • He can still buy a case for the​ S8. But its main purpose now would be to cover up those nasty cracks.
  • Which part of, "glass" do people not understand? The old HTC and iPhone designs aren't looking too bad now.
  • Exactly, Gorilla GLASS, is still GLASS. i.e. BREAKABLE.
  • Who invests in a $1000 glass phone and buys no case. I only thought iPhone users did that lol. Daaaaaaamn!
  • Me
  • i originally picked up Spigen Neo Hybrid and decided to go back to UAG and didn't regret it from there the UAG looks nice and a lot more sturdier. I get the phone looks too nice to put on a case however all it takes is one clumsy moment of regret and if it doesn't happen right away it will happen if it's not done by you it'll be done by someone else so why even take a chance. You spent that much money you might as well protect it for at least 2 yrs down the road you can sell it and have a good resale value.
  • What was the downside of the Neo Hybrid? Was the fit bad or didn't it feel safe enough? I'm using it currently on my S6 and it took quite a few heavy drops without damage (could also be pure luck). I was thinking about getting the Hybrid for the S8 as well.
  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with the Neo Hybrid. I have 1 on my S8+ right now! But, I also have a UAG case for this phone. IMO, they're mandatory cases for these phones.
  • Thanks. And yes, I'm a case user anyway. The phones are too thin to hold them comfortable since many years in my opinoin. Todays smartphones are like a skeleton that begs for some clothing :)
  • Must be rough. I use no case or speigen thin fit around the house but I always slap on a UAG or Speck case on my S8+ when I'm out and about. Did this guy happen to have that Samsung care insurance?
  • I went a little over a week with no case. Just put an Otterbox Defender and Bodyguardz tempered glass screen protector on my 8+. With no case the phone slippery as f*ck!
  • Punishment for leaving that fugly sticker on the back?
  • I like how it's Samsung's fault because the back is made of glass. Everyone bitched about plastic and wireless charging doesn't work through aluminum (iPhone). I have a clear $8 Spigen case for my pixel. Same case I've had on my phone's for a while including the s7 edge. Dropped a bunch with no problems
  • A mostly metal Pixel is far more likely to withstand a drop *without* a case than most all-glass phone's though. Take it from me, I dropped mine many times with "no problems" too. The drop and impact on this S8 look way more severe for this poor dude, but I managed to get a small spider webbed crack on my S8 after a very small (less than a foot) drop on its back, so I can at least understand the feeling of the phone not being particularly durable yet incredibly expensive.
  • The good thing is that the glass backs are fairly cheap to replace. For the S7 you could get them for 10-20 bucks so I guess it will be a similar price for the S8 backcover.
  • I put my hand in a crocodiles mouth and it bit me! How could it do that to me?
  • God's will. He made the crocodile.
  • If I have a car and get in an accident the first day with it. Is it the car manufacturer's fault i got in a crash, after charging me $20-40K for the car?
  • No, but if it had a glass bumper, then yes, it would be the manufacturer's fault.
  • I have a spigen clear kickstand case but never drop my phone more than once a year at best. I also never put my phone in risky situations. I haven't used a screen protector in about 5 or 6 years since screens are getting more durable and scratch resistant. However, on my S8+ I have noticed I have 2 micro-scratches in the bottom right corner. It started with one 2 weeks after I bought it. Now I found a second one just above it. That's interesting to me consider my phone only sits face up on a counter, couch, table etc or in my right pant/jean pocket with nothing else in but the phone. I haven't seen a scratch on my last 3 screens with this exact same scenario. Makes me wonder about the durability of the S8 screen.
  • I dropped my phone made of glass and it cracked....Damn you Samsung! It's all Samsung's fault! Why you gotta make such a nice looking phone that I didn't buy a case for? They definitely should use plastic for the S9 so that it creaks when holding it instead of cracking when dropping it. Some people lack common sense. He/She could have gone to various stores to find a case the same day the phone was purchased or waited till a case arrived before using it. I dropped my phone on tile recently, on its front, and thank God nothing happened to it. I am using a thing Spigen case.
  • A rightful reminder of the risk to those who love "naked" phones (That includes a certain AC writer right here). I've always said that if you're stupid enough to "save" on $20 (or less) to protect your >$700 toy then don't whine. And perhaps think about it, doesn't it make Samsung happier that you'll have to fork out another >$700 brand new phone after cracking your current one?
  • The AC writer you mention likely has SEVERAL phones to use if one breaks. "So the S8 breaks, I'll just switch to my G6 or pixel"😂😂😂
  • That's why they always push for "premium feel" material! They didn't have to spend a dime to get all these phones, which they soon throw away when new ones are released. I always say what's so premium when your phone is cracked?
  • Oh I'm pretty sure they spend their $ on phones also. Review units likely get shared, but I'm sure they buy their own also. But I wouldn't be surprised if they bought multiple units a year out their own pocket
  • The fall that S8 got must've been quite severe because those cracks and points of impact are numerous to the point where I doubt any phone would have walked out without some sort of damage or crack, but I will say in general I do wish manufacturers could figure out a way to get wireless charging to function in an all-metal device or find a much more durable form of glass that could withstand impacts in the same way an all-metal device usually does. I mean, a lot of phone companies refer to glass as the cheapest form of material to use for a device, usually reserved for their budget models with metal saved for their most high-end of devices, so it's crazy to be charged an arm and a leg for what's essentially a dull material. But I think what this guy's getting at is still a legit feeling. With the phone's glass being curved on the front and the back, and the very small metal band around the phone, chances are your first drop with an S8 (no matter how small) on a hard surface will result in a crack rather than a dent and that sucks. In the past four years I've only had to do two insurance claims on a phone. The first was on a Droid Maxx. It was on my lap while I was in my car and went face down on to the parking lot pavement when I got out of it. That was an understandable moment as to why the phone did not survive such an impact. But my second was just a couple of weeks ago with an S8 barely a week old. It landed on its back after slipping out of my hoodie pocket as I was looking underneath my car and got a spider webbed crack on its back at the point of impact. I was less nonplussed about that one and did feel a sense of "Oh, come on, Samsung, really?!" Do I have a case on it now? You betcha. Do I wish I could go without one like I have with many other devices and feel like a drop wouldn't damage it to the point of not being able to get it serviced should a problem arise later? Damn straight.
  • I warn every customer of mine that the S8's are amazing phones, but probably the most fragile phone on the planet, and leave it there. I hope from there one would realize to get a case...
  • The Friday before last, getting out of the car, I dropped my S7 and it shattered. Unresponsive screen. Went to TMobile and upgraded to the S8. I refused to leave the store without a case and tempered glass screen protector. I paid $70 for the 2 combined which is a rip off. But last Saturday I dropped my S8 on concrete, not a scratch. Between my tech 21 Evo check and invisible shield glass curve protector, I rest a little easier when I hold my S8
  • How can you stand that Invisible Shield Curved Glass Protector? I tried one but the clarity is a joke, the touch responsiveness of the screen takes a big hit and it doesn't stick well along all the edges. T-Mobile even took them off their shelves because 9 out if 10 were coming back for refunds.
  • Because I don't have any of the issues you mentioned lol. They put my case on in the store, so if there were any issues it would be on them. Also the protector has a 1 year warranty. I made sure I pressed it down myself off and on for about 3 hours after it got installed so honest to God I have no touch issues and no dust or anything under the screen it around the edges. Most people don't do this, but you're supposed to let glass protectors settle for 12-24 hours​ after installation. Maybe it doesn't matter but I didn't put my phone in my pocket for almost 24 hours after mines was installed
  • Do you use AOD? I use the double tap on AOD notifications a lot and that's where I noticed the touch screen sensitivity was affected the most (it only worked about 2/10 times versus 9/10 without the protector). That and the hard press on the on screen home button to turn on the screen required a little additional pressure. Other than that, in normal screen navigation, it was not nearly as noticeable.
  • No I don't use AOD. It's not supposed to use a lot of battery but it seems like it does so I don't use it
  • DAMN! What I want to know is from how high did he drop it cause that is some serious damage to have dropped it from waist high 😳
  • Case in point:
    1. Don't get an expensive phone without a case.
    2. Don't get an expensive phone for the looks because said case will be on it.
  • A phone where the exterior is mostly comprised of glass shattered like glass when it was dropped. Imagine that.
  • Any of these new phones with glass backs need a case. Samsung, htc, Pixel, whatever. Plastic phones were so much more rugged and practical, but the stupid blogosphere (yes, I talking to you AC) convinced everyone we needed scratch and dent prone metal phones, or fragile glass ones, because the were more "premium." It was almost impossible to break a Galaxy S3, S4 or S5. Give me back a plastic S9, and I'll be much happier.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! Plastic phones are great. I would love something like a Pixel's guts in a Nexbit Robin's body.
  • When I sold phones and Samsung was still plastic and people complained I always said, what's premium about a pop can? It's aluminum like those "premium" phones.
  • I don't have at&t, I do not like cases, they bother me... a lot. That is just me, but I cannot buy a gs8 because of that. I am holding out hope for a pixel without the glass in the back or maybe the next one plus.
  • The next OnePlus looks to be pretty awesome.
  • I have to disagree with almost all of you commenting on here. I have only ever had one type of phone screen ever break on me and it was a Samsung. I had the note 7 and never dropped it once. I had a case on it but the very expensive glass screen protector I bought wouldn't stay on because of that stupid curved screen. I pulled it out of my pocket when I received a text and the front screen was cracked right on the edge. To this day I have no idea how it cracked. I had the phone less than a week and was super pissed. Awesomely enough the phone was recalled and I got a new one. I put a plastic screen protector on it this time, but a few weeks later the phone fell about 8 inches onto a wooden table and the back glass cracked! Less than a foot, on a wooden table! I have never broke a blackberry, Nokia, Motorola or htc screen. I've had a note 5 since the recall and never had a problem. I don't trust these curved screens. I'm not the only one either.
  • I ALWAYS get the case first before I pay for the phone. These things are now roughly $850. Why not take some steps to protect them? I'll never understand.
  • Love my Moto Z Force!
  • Why should you have to buy a case or screen protector for something that you pay $800 for!?!? For that amount of money shouldn't it be designed to last through any common drop? Buy a phone that is! One of the main reasons I bought the Moto Z Force Droid is the unbreakable screen! Love it!!! Fast, reliable, great camera (sure gs8 is a little better), and great battery life! Also, while Moto Mods might night be a reason to buy the phone you may have a hard time buying a phone that doesn't take them after. I got a battery and car mount and love them! The car mount moto mod is easily the best car mount I've ever used for any device! Simple and reliable one handed connection and removal with audio and charging connective if you want to use it. Hopefully more phone makers start using premium materials like high quality plastics for their phones. Plastic is better than metal for the casing of a mobile device because it doesn't interfere with radio waves and it weights less than metal. Plastic is better than glass because glass breaks (it doesn't matter how "strong" it is) and again, plastic weights less than glass. There are many different plastics out there people! Plastic doesn't mean cheap or poorly designed!
  • I never understood why manufacturers that use glass backs don't implement what Motorola did with the Moto Z Force. I understand on the Force the screen scratches easily but replacing that plastic film is much cheaper, and I'm assuming easier, than replacing the whole glass back on an S8.