The Galaxy S8 series, beautiful as it may be, is covered in glass. And while Samsung is using Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides to protect against scratches, with enough surface area, and an impact hard enough to cause damage, the substrate can crack and break. Such is glass.

One of our writers, Matt Brown, already went through this with his five day-old S8, but now forum member jfreeusa has some brutal photos of a new Galaxy S8 with an extensive network of cracks after a fall.


Bought the Samsung S8 and unfortunately dropped it the first day and it shattered like glass. I cannot believe Samsung is doing this to us. The screen is gorilla glass which is great then they have the nerve to charge 600-800+ for a phone made of something so fragile. Where I bought it they did not have a case for it. I say buy a case first then the phone.


It's not clear how the phone was dropped, nor from how high, but there are three clear points of impact that spider out to the center of the back. It's quite a sight to behold, actually.

There are ways to protect the Galaxy S8 if it's dropped — we have a list of great cases for the S8 — but the best solution is just to be careful with the phone. If that's not possible, a Galaxy S8 Active is likely on its way to AT&T in the next few weeks.

Have you had an experience with a dropped or cracked Galaxy S8?

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