Adobe talks Flash 10.1 on Google TV

Flash is coming big on Android, and it's coming big on Google TV. And Adobe's singing from the rooftops:

With support for Flash Player 10.1, Google TV customers have access to the full web. This includes the approximately 75% of online videos and web games that use Flash, the vast numbers of rich Internet applications, and content across social networks. Flash Player 10.1 will support hardware-accelerated video playback and deliver smooth, HD (1080p) quality video on Google TV devices. We're excited that having Flash Player 10.1 as a key part of Google TV will enable an additional screen for the more than 3 million Flash developers to create content for.

Hit this link for a video of it in action. Really, the best thing we can say about the demos we saw today is that this stuff just works. Flash works. It's there. And we can't wait to try it out.

Phil Nickinson