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Adobe Flash 10 Beta Coming in October

One of the things missing from Android, for better or worse, is official Flash support. We can save our 'to-flash or not-flash' arguments for later, but the truth of the matter is, Flash has become a pseudo-standard for the web--so many websites have adopted it that it's become part of the web browsing experience.

So though Android has been without Flash since its inception, make no mistake Flash is coming. Adobe just announced that they're targeting Flash Player 10 beta to be released in October. We've experienced some sort of Flash on Windows Mobile devices before and it's actually quite impressive, you don't feel short changed from using a mobile web browser.

To quote Adobe CEO Shantanu Naraye:

“We are bringing Flash Player 10 to smartphone class devices to enable the latest web browsing experience. Multiple partners have already received early version of this release and we expect to release a beta version for developers at our Max conference in October. Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and the new Palm Web OS will be the first devices to support web browsing with the new Flash player…”

So yep, Flash to Android is officially coming. What do you guys think? How excited are you?

[via wmexperts]

  • I am absolutly giddy, cant wait for my hulu and andventure quest worlds, seems i opted to get the right phone or rather the right platform :)
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  • Have to wait a year for it?????
  • I'm as excited as everyone else, but we have to wait till October????
    Sheez... that's so far away. :P
  • Look at the post of the article, June 2009, that means it was supposed to be here last Oct.
  • My bad....
    Well why don't they bring it on then!! ;)