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Adobe CEO says Flash coming in second half of the year

Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Narayen recently spoke with Fox Business, and as tends to happen with these things, the topic of Flash on smartphones came up. And it was the same talking points -- 75 percent of the video and gaming of the Web uses Flash -- but Narayen did say that he expects to see Flash on Android and Palm's webOS in the second half of the year. Said Narayen:

"We have a number of excited partners who are working aggressively with us to bring Flash to their devices, whether they be smartphones as well as handsets, and so companies like Google or RIM or Palm are going to be releasing versions of Flash on smartphones and tablets in the second half of the year."

At this point, we'll believe it when we see it, but it's still a step in the right direction. Check out the brief interview (erm, in Flash, no less) after the break. [Business Insider via PreCentral]

  • I don't understand why there's even a delay... the Desire (and upcoming EVO 4G) have Flash 10.1 built in... why can't Google offer it on the Nexus One... this is just a big bunch of BS... Adobe needs to get their shit together...
  • The Desire has flash lite for the love of god! Ugh, or do you have evidence that it has FULL flash 10.1? Remember the Flash build on the Desire is also called 10.1.xxxxx ... but, from multiple sources, that is in fact Flash Lite. That is why many websites comment on the flash support. They THINK it is full flash, while this is still the Lite version not using all the power of the Desire. Please if I am wrong, correct me!
  • no it means in December they will lie again and say first half of 2011. their routine is getting old
  • More BS from adobe !!! Last year when I owned. PRE they said it would be out early this year ? They are so full of crap it is disgusting ! Now they say the 2nd half , and that probably means December !!!!
  • Part of the Droid's marketing was that it would have flash early 2010. It was all over all the advertisements. Well, if it comes in the 2nd half, then that sure isnt early. Blatantly false advertising.
  • Think Im just giving up on flash. this is all just BS
  • Don't give up, it'll come when it does. but I do feel some of your pain. They could at least put out a beta for the time being.
  • I mean, look at that CEO... no wonder they are going downhill...
  • LOL, what's wrong with that CEO?
  • Okay it's now official: the people at Adobe are a bunch of effing liars. Them and their bullshit videos of Flash on the Nexus and them promising it was coming the first half of this year. This is just more of the same for them and even though I hate Apple, I sure as hell hope Adobe goes under. I'm about to get on the HTML5 bandwagon. When it comes to Flash on smartphones...the "folks" at Adobe are nothing but snake-oil and vapourware salesmen.
  • Oh and I agree that CEO looks like a fricking loser. It makes you stop wondering what is wrong with that half assed company
  • Huh, Guess it's time to hope for the Skyfire browser (Flash included) to be released!
  • Hmmmmmm. I believe Steve Jobs secretly made all the posts above mine.
  • So what is flash lite? And y can't I get it on my MOTO Droid? When full flash is out we will b on MOTO Droid2. Call to arms for false.advertisement
  • Having actually worked for Adobe (long ago, but not so long ago that I wasn't there for the Macromedia merger) he's probably talking about the 2nd half of the fiscal year which is actually only this summer (if memory serves me correctly). So it may not be that far off. Also typically what holds products back is Quality Assurance time - especially if there are a ton of different platforms to test on (which there are). You have to run all the tests on each platform (which in this case may mean - each device!) in each locale (language) and if the tests can't be automated then they have to be done by hand which takes an enormous amount of time. In other words - mellow out.
  • Spin it however you want, Summer isn't early.
  • If it wasn't ready to b released they shouldn't have given such a short timeline for release. By the time it is released most of us will have new phones.
  • It doesn't matter whether or not you prefer or like Flash over HTML5. The point is a majority of websites utilize Flash, and so to have a zero-compromise experience on a smartphone when surfing the web you need to have Flash. HTML5 may be the future. Heck, LTE may be the future, but right now neither exists well enough to care. Adobe is losing a lot of credibility and integrity by playing this ongoing delay game. It's just Flash, not a new OS. They need to get their act together before the curtain drops on this fable.
  • Is this a class-action lawsuit worthy? I bought my Milestone, fully expecting Flash support to come in early 2010. Fraud, I say! And Adobe needs to seriously hurry this up. If they delay mobile Flash rollout even more, HTML5 is going to take everything over. HTML5's functionality is growing at an exponential rate (Quake in browser!!), and more and more big guys are moving to HTML5.
  • Fraud because you expected they'd release it in early 2010? I haven't seen a single release date. You can't sue a company over not releasing a product... (well you can try, but I doubt it would survive the laugh test).
  • On the droid advertisements, they did say Flash support early 2010, with (surprisingly) no disclaimers. It may not (or may!) be grounds for a false advertising lawsuit, but it is, if not lying, deliberately misleading. There seems to be less and less sense of urgency with these companies. They have become very lax with customer appeasement, and will lose customers.
  • Yeah this is not something you sue over...however, it is something to cause loyal people to come to hate them. I wish Engadget would really start hammering these people over their nonsense release timelines and bullshit staged demos. We really need to start keeping track of their lies.
  • "Therefore the choice to target the ARM Cortex-A8 chipsets will result in greater efficiency, and most importantly a wider range of consistent experiences as uptake grows. To be clear, that uptake is already happening, and it will expand rapidly just like it does every other year. It’s like a Moore’s Law of mobile phones Yet some devices will not be able to support the full Flash Player 10.1 due to low hardware capabilities, and for many of those devices we have a new version of our optimized runtime, Flash Lite, to fill the gap. In fact the alpha version has already been spotted running Farmville on Android Eclair here." Non-Cortex ARM11 based phones such as the Hero, Moment, Eris, MyTouch3G, & others not capable of running Flash 10.1, will get Flash Lite that has been upgraded to run Flash games such as Farmville. We won't get the full Monte of Flash, but we'll have way more Flash functionality than the iPhone. I think that's a big win, because Flash Lite shouldn't bog down the processor & give a much better more realistic web experience.