Adobe Air for Android to go live Oct 8?

Adobe AIR for Android should go live on the Android Market on Oct. 8, according to a tip posted in the Android Central Forums by aquakevem, and developers will be able to upload their apps as soon as the runtimes are live.  In simple terms, AIR is a framework that allows Adobe Flash style applications (check out these from the Adobe Flash Summit) to run as installed apps on your Android phone.  A huge plus to developers is that the same code can run, using Adobe Air, on multiple platforms, which means there are a ton of apps already built that can be ported to Android with little or no changes to the code.

You can learn a bit more about AIR, and Adobe's relationship with Android from our interview with Adobe platform evangelist Ryan Stewart.  Then it's a matter of waiting for Adobe and the inevitable flood of games and apps!  [Android Central Forums]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Fab news I can't wait to see what gets ported. This is why android will rule the world!
  • So with adobe air, I wouldn't need flash on my phone to play? Or will it require flag on my phone?
  • $10 says this is another feature that requires Froyo...and I bet Oct. 8th rolls around and Motorola will still not released Froyo to all us DX owners >_<
  • Yes, Android 2.2(Froyo) is required.
  • I think this will end up being far more useful then Flash on Android, as much as I do love it on my Incredible. I am definitely looking forward to this!
  • Nice to know yet another feature that my x won't do. Thanks motorizon. There is another droid that doesn't. Lol.
  • WOW! I can't believe someone broke NDA that fast. Some people simply suck at keeping secrets!!
  • NDAs get broken all the time in all types of just depends who the beans are spilled to & whether or not that person will tell the whole world or keep it a secret ;)
  • I know but you're lucky to even get on an Adobe beta. The morals at play are what bother me. Oh well...wasn't me so whatever.
  • Does this mean we might get a better Facebook app?
  • No, Facebook has nothing to do with Flash.
  • Someone could easily build one with AIR since the Facebook ActionScript library exists. :)
  • I hope it was worth it to the guy who broke NDA to lose all future access to opportunities and to have harmed the ability for others to get opportunities. Do you feel like you're important now, tech_kev?