Withings launches Body Comp with cardiovascular assessment capabilities

Withings Body Comp
(Image credit: Withings)

What you need to know

  • Withings has a new smart scale in the store, the Body Comp.
  • It packs in sensors to assess your cardiovascular activity and nerve health.
  • The new smart scale bundles with Health+ coaching service.

Popular smart scales maker Withings has come with yet another device at IFA 2022. It's dubbed Body Comp, which promises to measure your nerve health and cardiovascular health parameters. The company is already known for making the best smart scales, and the new Body Comp appears to be the most advanced device it has ever made.

Body Comp is "a complete body assessment scale measuring multiple biomarkers typically only assessed in a professional clinical Setting," Withings suggests in its announcement press release. 

The scale further accompanies Health+, an enhanced service that promises to provide detailed health analysis by creating a healthy routine for its users.

The Health+ coaching service (with a 12-month subscription) and Body Comp come as a bundle for the U.S., starting at $209.95. It will be available from October 4, 2022.

"Body Comp is the first Withings device compatible with Health+ that makes actionable use of this data."

Body Comp integrates novel sensors, exclusive algorithms, and also patented electronics. They all tend to work together with new levels of precision in helping users to improve the accuracy of weight and body composition featuring new frequency BIA capabilities.

The smart scale also provides home health body assessments through the embedded sensors designed to monitor multiple biomarkers that are said to be associated with general and chronic risks. These include full body composition, cardiovascular, and nerve health assessment.

The Body Comp is seemingly "the first scale to measure body fat, visceral fat (the fat hidden around the organs in your belly), vascular age (the pliability of your blood vessels), and nerve health (the function of the nerves in your feet) in one consumer device."

Withings Body Comp

(Image credit: Withings)

The vascular assessment is evidently developed by leading cardiologists and is further based on Pulse Wave Velocity. It is a measurement of arterial stiffness. Additionally, nerve activity is assessed using Nerve Health Score, which involves measuring the sweat glands in the feet.

The Health+ service, on the other hand, unlocks additional features with the native Health Mate app. It showcases health data with tools like actionable insights and motivations that tend users to change behavioral patterns and outcomes. The primary goal of the new coaching service is to improve health by changing behavior.

The Health+ service further creates continuous motivational loops: Measure, Act, Improve, and Repeat. Starting with Measure, the Health+ measures Body composition, after which users get their daily on what to do as part of the 'Act' loop. The 'Improve' section seemingly correlates the data and provides weekly interactive reports of the Body Comp scale users' progress. The 'Repeat' part is self-explanatory as it allows users to repeat the steps and aims to motivate by celebrating milestones.

The new Body Comp here appears to be taking the assessments to a new level. Earlier devices like Withings Body Cardio smart scale could tell you your BMI, fat percentage, heart health, and bone mass. And Body Scan, launched early this year, arrived to provide readings for individual body parts and track sweat gland activity for nerve fiber health.

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