New collectible figurine of fan-favorite Android mascot is already sold out

The Android bot collectible.
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What you need to know

  • Google's official Merchandise Store sells company-branded products, but also offers some fan-favorites from Chrome and Android. 
  • The Google Merchandise Store suddenly dropped a 3-inch vinyl figurine of "The Bot," the latest iteration of Android's mascot.
  • The collectible was available for $16, and it's sold out. But there are a few other cool merch items you can check out. 

Google's iconic mascot for Android has been around for what feels like forever, but the company recently overhauled its design, which now appears more three-dimensional. The latest iteration of this fan-favorite is known as "The Bot," and Google briefly let Android collectors purchase a 3-inch version of the mascot. 

But limited quantities of the collectible were available, and it's unsurprisingly sold out already. It's unknown when or if the official "Android Classic Collectible" will return. Previously, you could buy the older "Android Mini Collectible" version from the Dead Zebra website for $10. 

The official Android Classic Collectible popped up on Google's official Merchandise Store, which is where you can find company-branded products. They're often available in limited quantities, and such was the case with the Android Classic Collectible. It appeared as a 3-inch vinyl figurine with poseable arms and antenna, retailing for $16. 

Android fans rushed to purchase "The Bot," and the figurine sold out within just a few hours of going viral on social media. It came with a gift box covered in Android and "The Bot" branding. 

If you were itching to get your hands on official Android merch, all hope is not lost. For one, the Android Mini Collectible from Dead Zebra occasionally pops up online, especially at resale sites like eBay. However, people looking for Android merch on Google's Merchandise Store can still find shirts, mugs, water bottles, stickers, and more. Keep in mind that these products are also available in limited quantities, so act fast if you want them. 

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If you've gotten the itch for a Google collectible figurine, there is still one available. It's the Chrome Dino Collectible Figurines set, which includes the dinosaur and some cacti from the classic Chrome mini-game. This one costs $30, and there are over 300 units available at the time of writing. 

The Chrome Dino Figurine Set.

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For those who really want to go crazy, there's even an accessory pack that includes a scarf, beanie, and hot chocolate for $14. 

Going beyond the Android and Chrome brands, there's a lot you can explore on the Google Merchandise Store. There's everything from t-shirts to windbreakers and bikes. But if you were hoping to snag an Android Classic Collectible, you'll have to wait and hope for a restock. 

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