Getting an XGIMI projector just got way easier with the biggest discounts of the year

XGIMI projector lineup
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There’s something truly special about curling up with friends and family for a movie night, and XGIMI’s line of powerful projectors make those events that much more special. Setting yourself up with one of these capable projectors just got a lot easier, too, with massive Black Friday discounts that make the largest price cuts XGIMI has offered all year. With all the holiday festivities ahead, it’s a great time for an XGIMI projector upgrade in your home theater.

Whether you want a portable projector, a long throw, or an ultra short throw projector, XGIMI has you covered with a special deal for Black Friday. The company is offering huge discounts on its AURA and Halo+ projectors, and it’s brought the HORIZON Pro projector to its lowest price ever.

XGIMI Halo+ projecting onto a screen at a picnic in a field

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For a theater you can take anywhere, you’ll want the XGIMI Halo+. This portable projector offers a bright 900 ANSI Lumens to light up your screen at night and project a crisp 1080p picture. It’s got a built-in Android TV operating system to provide easy access to streaming content or play locally-stored video files. Auto-focus and auto-keystone make aligning the image a snap. And its 10-watt Harman Kardon speakers make it an effective all-in-one solution. To top it off, the projector offers 2.5 hours of battery life, so you can watch an entire movie away from the power outlet.  For Black Friday, XGIMI is reducing the Halo+ from its original $849 by 15% to $719. 

XGIMI HORIZON Pro projecting a desert scene onto a wall

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If you’re looking for incredible brightness and extreme clarity that you can easily move from room to room or take to a friend’s, you should have a look at the XGIMI HORIZON Pro.  This projector has it all. It boasts a  2,200 ANSI Lumen brightness level, letting it operate at any time of day — not need to turn off all the lights and draw the blind (though it’ll only get better if you do). That power is put to good use, producing a stunning 4K UHD picture with stunning color. It also runs Android TV and offers dual 8-watt Harman Kardon speakers for an all-in-one device. XGIMI’s Intelligent Screen Adaptation technology ensures the projector is ready to go in seconds after you set it up. For Black Friday, you’ll be able to pick up the HORIZON Pro with XGIMI’s biggest discount ever of 33% off, bringing the price from $1899 down to $1275. 

XGIMI AURA projecting a motorcycle in a living room

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For a dedicated home theater with an easy-breezy setup, you have to check out the XGIMI AURA. This ultra short throw laser projector sits right next to your wall or projection screen and still casts a massive picture. With just 4.3 inches of space between it and the wall, it’ll project an 80-inch image. Bump that out to 11.7 inches and it’ll achieve a 120-inch picture. The XGIMI AURA delivers that picture with stunning, 4K UHD clarity and a stunning 2400 ANSI Lumen brightness that’ll work in the daytime and dazzle at night. The massive picture is backed by massive sound with a set of four 15-watt Harman Kardon speakers to fill your room with cinematic audio. And for Black Friday, the XGIMI AURA will see a discount of 18% from its original $2799 to $2299.

While these three projectors are shining examples of what XGIMI has to offer and make for smashing deals this Black Friday, XGIMI is discounting the rest of its lineup as well. You can score the 800-ANSI Lumens Halo for $599, or bump up to the capable HORIZON for $899. You can get a bargain on the MoGo Pro for $399. The compact Elfin is just $479 for Black Friday.

So if you’re looking to kit out your home theater, be sure to check out these Black Friday XGIMI discounts.