Docs to Go for Android to get desktop, Google Docs sync [AC @MWC]

Had a nice sit-down this morning at Mobile World Congress with Dataviz, maker of Road Sync and Docs to Go. (For the uninitiated, think all the power of Microsoft Office, for a fraction of the price.) The story of the day was document sync, both local and in the cloud.

Version 2.0 for Android currently is free for the trial, and temporarily reduced to $9.99 for the premium version. But we got a sneak peek at the new desktop sync capability, which should be released in the coming months. Basically, you plug in and it syncs files to and from the storage card. (After you manually mount it.) But it was the cloud sync solutions we saw -- over Microsoft Exchange and Google Docs -- that really has us excited. It's also coming for Android but not yet ready for public consumption, but you can check out how it works over at TiPB.

Phil Nickinson
  • So what's going to be better, Google Docs integration with Docs-to-Go, or Dropbox for Android? Pros, Cons, comments? Why isn't there already a google endorsed, GoogleDocs app on Android. We shouldn't need to use the browser to access all of these features, when our OS is made by Google. If there was a GoogleDocs, native app that would allow you to essentially operate like the "offline" feature of GoogleDocs, that would allow you to download what you wanted, that would be the best solution in all of this. Then we wouldn't need DocsToGo.
  • For sure this cloud computing service serves a lithmus paper for google's milestone this year. This update sure is sweet, albeit 250 megs is very little however the convenience it can give is highly lucrative. Well, if google will scale this one up for sure will find now a very good competitior. Details of google docs: