AC readers want Wear OS 3, and they want it NOW

Google Io 2021 Keynote Wear Os Samsung
Google Io 2021 Keynote Wear Os Samsung (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Over the weekend, we asked AC readers if they plan to get a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as soon as it comes out in order to get the new Wear OS experience or if they'd wait to see it on other devices.
  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents said they want Wear OS 3 sooner than later.
  • Almost ten percent said they weren't interested in Wear OS at all.

Ever since we learned the exciting news from Google that several existing smartwatch OEMs like the Fossil Group and Mobvoi would have the opportunity to upgrade the Wear OS experience on their existing devices, we've been curious if this will affect those considering upgrading to one of the newer best Android smartwatches, or if they'll hold out to see how these updates look on their current watches.

In our weekend poll, over 71% said that they want Wear OS 3 now, indicating that they're ready to purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as soon as it's available. A little over 11% said they were holding out for what Fossil might release on the platform, while fewer than 8% were going to wait for Mobvoi's product releases. Nearly 10% of all respondents said they weren't interested in Wear OS at all, perhaps having been burned by the platform in the past.

As you can imagine, our readers had many thoughts on this topic. Here are some of the loudest voices from our poll:

rodgertdodger said that they "love my Ticwatch 3 Pro GPS and the fact its life has been extended significantly just gets better. I actually hope Wear OS 3 doesn't lose many of the Mobvoi features."

Over on Facebook, Adam Petten told us that "if the new GW 5 has Google Pay, it'll be more enticing as it supports more cards than SP (Samsung Pay)."

Ian Smith summarized readers' frustration with waiting on the Wear OS 3 update when he said, "thanks Fossil for giving us the finger on upgrades. Guess I'll spend my money on someone else's Wear OS 3.0 watch!"

We're happy to see some backward compatibility ourselves, but the delay is a bit maddening. So what about you; what do you think? Our poll is now closed, but you can still let us know in the comments below or on our social channels.

Jeramy Johnson

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