AC Poll: Which companies do you think are most environmentally friendly?

Flagship Phones Cameras
Flagship Phones Cameras (Image credit: Ted Kritsonis / Android Central)

When we talk about phones and other gadgets here on AC, we tend to focus on a few different things — features, specs, and price being what tends to eat up most of the conversation. However, depending on how you look at things, there's plenty more to discuss.

As we rapidly approach Earth Day on April 22, it's a reason to look at the companies that make all of this technology and think about the impact they have on our planet. Some of them take a very bold and visible approach to be environmentally conscious and friendly, whereas others don't talk too much about this.

Being kind to our planet is one of the most important things we can do, so in honor of Earth Day, we wanted to poke your brain a bit — what companies do you think are environmentally friendly? You can submit your answers in the poll below, and you can select just one or multiple.

You can base your answers off numbers and stats some of these companies share, but we also want you to look deeper and think about your gut feeling towards them. How do you perceive these companies in your own eyes?

Once you're done submitting your answers, be sure to head into the comment section below and share why you made the selections that you did.

Once April 22 rolls around, we'll take a look at the results and follow up based on some of the answers you provided. Happy polling!

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Nobody really cares about this, otherwise they would keep their old phones and old cars. Phones today for the most part have a one or two year lifecycle...a lot of people out there gotta have the newest...all those raw materials gotta come from somewhere and those batteries definitely don't just fall from a tree like fruit.
  • Agreed. I wish batteries were replaceable once again. They should pay more money for recyclable phones.
  • Sadly, you are right. But nature will make certain that we are *forced* to care someday in the near to medium term future. It will be too late for us by then, of course...but the awakening will occur.
  • How can you compare a hardware company like Apple or Samsung to a more software-oriented company like Microsoft, or an almost totally software-based one such as Facebook?
  • Seriously? I don't care which companies are green. I care more about companies exploiting laborers, young and old.