Better sharing and video management along with a few quick bugfixes

An update to Youtube is rolling out for some users in the Google Play Store right now, and although we don't have a complete changelog from Google just yet we have noticed a few changes. Right off the top, version offers you a quick way to share videos or add them to watch later, favorites or a new playlist straight from the recommended or search results page with a tap on the overflow button. Previously you could only add them to "watch later."

Another tiny change is the inability to subscribe to your own channel — makes sense, and we consider this one more of a bugfix than anything. Also new is a simple two-tap way to clear your video history from the overflow menu when viewing the list of your recently watched videos.

We're still waiting to see a full proper changelog from Google in the Play Store (we're still looking at the big one from last week), but you can still go check for and download the update.


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Youtube updated with a few simple changes, no full changelog just yet


As for the video counter/scrubbing in landscape mode on the note 2? If it's there I have yet to discover it since the new interface

The update also pushes new ads for other Google services. Yay. I think the old version will work just fine for me.

Haven't seen the update yet. A lack of commenting is a bummer though.

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Being able to remove videos from recommended or watch now would be good as well... Unlikely they would ever do that though - they seem to think they always get it right.

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What we need: 1) see user's avatar 2) reply to users 3) check user's channel by clicking name 4) thumbs up/down a comment 5) see top comments

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