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Reports of a YouTube subscription music service being in the works have been circulating since late 2013, with Billboard reporting last October that a two-tier system would build on Google's existing deals with record labels for its Play Music service.

Now Billboard reports that the service may have hit a few snags on its way to launch. The outlet says a recent interview with a Google exec briefed on the plans revealed that the service had been pushed to "the second quarter or beyond," having originally been planned for launch earlier this year.

The feeling, according to people familiar with the thinking at YouTube, is that the service should be a more polished product with a clear, differentiated focus that can stand out against its rivals. "They feel that there's just too much scrutiny of this product, and that they need to get it right out of the gate," said a senior label executive who declined to be named because the discussions are confidential.

Billboard suggests that a major challenge faced by the service is finding a way to integrate it seamlessly into YouTube's existing free services. And it also remains unclear a paid YouTube music service might tie into Google's existing subscription music offering, Google Play Music.

Source: Billboard; via: The Verge

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I hope it does tie in with the Google Play Music. Would give more incentive to pick up the GPM subscription. Two separate paid music services sounds pretty lame.

toxicious says:

I'm pretty sure it will, it's Google after all.

I hope it does tie in with the Google Play Music

A little editing would go a long way on your linked site.

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Spence1115 says:

As a separate concept, this makes no sense when Google Play Music exists, why not just expand on that? Is it the YouTube name? Because it's true, most people I know use that for music now, which is pretty bad.

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tr-1 says:

YouTube is probably the top 5 most recognized brand names so it makes perfect sense to expand on it.
YouTube is also video, not just sound.... And every video could have corresponding links, summary, etc. Which is all $$$ to Google. So I see no problem here. Choice is always better and I'm sure Google will find more ways to differentiate this from Google Music

kcerica says:

I wish they'd give us some more info about the new service. I want to know how much it'll cost and how it will be tied in with Google Play Music all access.

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Not yet announced service is delayed? Seriously guys???

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Jonneh says:

You hate pineapples? Seriously???

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Taz89 says:

Still don't get a YouTube music subscription especially if it's separate to Google play all music.

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