Updated with quick access to your new videos

YouTube is getting updated to version 4.4.11 today, with a small addition to the left toolbar. A new 'My Subscriptions' feed provides easy access to view any uploads made by channels you currently subscribe to. Also new for video creator channels is YouTube One Channel branding.

Of course, no good update would be complete without addressing some existing bugs. One that was squashed was a problem causing accounts to be signed out at random. Other minor bugs were also fixed, and stability enhancements were added to this latest version of the app.

The update is now live in the Play Store for download. If you don't already have YouTube installed for whatever reason, the link at the top will lead you to the download page.


Reader comments

YouTube gets 'My Subscriptions' feed and One Channel branding in latest update


"provides easy access to view any uploads made by channels you currently subscribe to" - Actually the app LOST easy access to view uploads. Until now you just had to go to settings and switch one option once and that's it, the app would start in "my subscriptions" view by default. Now that option is gone and you have to switch to that view every time you restart the app.

This time a billion. They pulled this same shit on the website, it was bound to happen here.

I don't know who in Google decided this was a good idea. I don't want Google's terrible recommendations, I want to see the stuff I subscribed to! Hell, half the time the recommendations completely ignore stuff I'm subscribed to!

It's probably one of the most annoying changes Google's made to their services in a long, long time, for me.

The website is annoying enough but you can get past that easy enough with a bookmark.
This is a billion time more annoying once you factor in the fact the update notes are a lie.

I wish these blogs actually researched and reported things the way they really are, instead of just regurgitating what a press release or an announcement in an official blog wants us to believe.

"YouTube gets 'My Subscriptions' feed..."

Wrong. The YouTube app already had the 'My Subscriptions' feed and this update just made it harder to use. Now the user has to put up with two loading times, once for the 'What to watch' feed no one cares about but it's forced as the sole default option, and a second load time after you select 'My Subscriptions', which you will be doing every time you launch the app.