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Two free games per day on offer as long as you're not in North America, South Korea, Japan or Taiwan

The YouTube team has announced that Major League Baseball will be offering up more video content than ever before. The revamped MLB YouTube channel will be broadcasting highlights of games within a couple of days afterwards, alongside a whole host of clips and archived content. In addition to this, YouTube viewers will be able to see two live games per day, completely free of charge. 

Considering the price of the At Bat mobile application, this is an extremely good deal for Baseball fans around the world. The catch is, that it's region specific. So, sadly, viewers in the U.S, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan cannot watch the daily free games. All other MLB content on YouTube will be available in those countries though. 

Source: +YouTube

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SparkyXI says:

Fire up the VPNs, kids...

djstarion says:

The games that are on YouTube are the free game of the day on anyways

milrtime83 says:

There's only 1 free game per day on The post says there will be 2 on Youtube so at least 1 has to be different.

deadlock4400 says:

@Richard Devine

Thanks for the post.

yeah that's definitely exciting news.

Thanks in advance

JHK1984 says:


one80oneday says:

Hey Google, please turn Youtube into Hulu/Netflix competitor, crush cable companies, buy their old businesses and expand fiber network, thanks.