YouTube update

The official YouTube app has been updated to v. 2.2.14, which brings a host of improvements. Prior to this update, users were limited with what they could do with their uploaded videos. Now, they are able to customize them much more, such as editing the title and tweaking privacy settings. Also welcomed is the ability to edit and delete playlists with your mobile device, which was frustrating before.

Here is the full changelog:

  • Edit the title, description and privacy of your uploaded videos
  • New uploading UI integrated into the app
  • Create/Edit/Delete playlists on the go
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

If you haven't received the update yet, hit the Market link after the break.

Thanks Tyler!


Reader comments

YouTube app updated, now allows more control over your uploaded videos


Anyone know what happened to the Google Search update? Google posted on their blog then deleted after 6 of us (Including myself) commented; explaining that, the update was not there and that this issues has been happening with the new Market. (Still not there).

One person said they had it; but, I can't confirm the market version they had or if maybe Google pulled it or what.

I just updated the YouTube app on my EVO 3D with this update and 3D playback still works perfectly fine. It also didn't break anything, like some people are saying.

Thanks! And I'm with you, works perfectly fine for me as well. And 3D stuff is still awesome, love it.

Will not download on the Photon 4G given up on it Youtube.

Can not get Youtube to play on 3G on the Photon 4G the Application version 2.1.6

I like the new update, before I couldn't upload videos from my phone now that problem is fixed, and love the new customizable options O get.

Still can't upload videos over wifi with my Atrix. Times out/retries and then fails for a 1 min video. Works if the video is only 12 sec/~30MB though. yipee.

Same thing on the Atrix (mine at least). Only the first 3-5 sec of the video plays, then it freezes, acts like it's buffering, and then just stops. Nice. Uninstall youtube update and all is good for now.

Yup. Once an app hits good for all devices it's all down hill from there. Am I the only one not having problems with the update? Everyone try data clears?

Seems to work fine on my Incredible, but doesn't show up as an available update on my Xoom.

Actually, it doesn't even show as installed on my Xoom... which is odd since the icon is on my main home screen and the app works fine...

That is because the YouTube app on your Xoom is a Honeycomb/tablet optimized app. They are 2 different apps

First time updating it didn't work, I restored previous version then updated again and for some reason it works now

Don't update. Makes the app useless, freezes after a few seconds. Revered back to factory installed version on Droid X2 which works fine.

updated app last night on my Infuse. could only listen to the first few seconds of audio, video appeared to work fine. went to uninstall this morning and saw there was another update. thinking to myself, hell yeah google fixed the problem. updated app again. Now I don't know if the sound issues has been fixed, cause I can't download any videos. Damn it google.