The stock YouTube player got a healthy little update recently. As noted on the YouTube blog the launch of VEVO on Android was also celebrated with the inclusion of VEVO videos within the YouTube app itself. In order to make use of the videos though your device needs to be running Android 2.2 or higher. Most of what has changed is simple UI enhancements to offer better ways of finding and discovering music videos and artists:

  • Music videos are now clearly marked with a ‘music note’ badge
  • While enjoying the video you can read ‘artist bio’
  • It’s easy to discover more tracks from the same artist using ‘artist tracks’ tab
  • You’ll find similar cool bands on the ‘related artists’ tab

The YouTube team has also outlined the fact that you'll start seeing some more ads within the app as well. The basis for that of course is like with most things, money. Stating that mobile advertising is set to surpass $1 billion in 2011. Content providers are more apt to offer up and include their content to YouTube if money is to be made. With over 200 million mobile views a day, that's a lot of ad potential for partners. You can grab the latest YouTube update from the Android Market, download is after the break. [YouTube Blog]


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YouTube app updated to make finding music videos and artists easier than ever


I was mad enough that there was ads on the regular site...but hey, I guess you have to pay the bills somehow...and at least there are some results

Exactly, me personally I'm happy to be able to get videos through the app. So I don't have to go to Youtube desktop on the phone. It's much quicker through the app

The update is there all you have to do to verify that you have it is search for a song like Billy jean and if you got the music notes you got update...there is no version change.

I think its an Android Marketplace glitch of some sort.

I can start the Market and go to "My Apps" yet it'll only show about 50% of them.

I close it, and restart the market and theyre all there. Who knows.

Why would I use the new VEVO official app if youtube just released all vevo videos on youtube? The VEVO app has a nice UI, but it seems silly to have two separate programs to access the same videos...

No need to really get the VEVO app either.

Just search VEVO in YouTube and there they are. All of the music videos.

Why not save space \ (o_0) / ?

So my Market says 2.1.6 on my phone, Appbrain says 2.1.6, and that it was updated to that version December 7th. My phone says I'm up to date. So, is my phone/Appbrain wrong?

What's the new version?

Haha, the latest version is 2.0 according to Google's Youtube page... Um, I have 2.1.6. What gives?

Just type in a song name and verify you have the music notes if so you got the update...there is no version change.

is anyone else getting the 'not available in your country' message when you click to play a music video? I get it when I clicked on a Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean video. Maybe the vevo app may come in handy after all.