If you want to profess your love for the best open source smartphone OS on the market, what better way to do it than by wearing an Official Android T-Shirt? There are currently two styles: the one above with the cute Android robot walking a dog (don't question why, it's just awesome) and another with a side-printed Android logo. They're both fairly affordable, $13.95 and $10.75 respectively, and are available at the Official Google Store. If you're into matching your headgear, there's also a side-printed Android hat available.

We know we can't be the only one geeky enough to buy this. Who else is getting it? Hit the link to check out all the styles!

[official google store via phandroid]


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Your Christmas Present: Official Android Apparel


yea i was too. i don't know why it's that much for shipping. google is just an hour away from where i live. well probably it's not shipping from there, but still. the thing though is as it was loading it first showed a 1.21 shipping and my total was $11.95 and i was about to click proceed then it suddenly changed to $7.41 shipping and added tax.