HP Slate 7

Look the HP Slate 7 Android tablet didn't exactly bowl us over when it got a look at it at Mobile World Congress in February in Spain. OK, the industrial design was actually pretty good -- along the lines of a nicely done Nexus 7-type tablet -- but the internals and display should have been enough to make even a first-timer think twice. The $169 tablet was supposed to go on sale sometime in April, but HP's microsite apparently has pushed that launch to June. 

The Slate 7 ain't getting any younger, folks. While there's a place for budget tablets, an extra $30 would get you a base Nexus 7. There's no contest there. And considering that we're very likely going to see an updated 7-incher (or thereabouts) at Google I/O in May, the prospect of an even older Slate 7 just isn't tempting at all.

Source: HP; via Engadget
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You'll now have to wait until at least June to not buy the HP Slate 7


I'm starting to wonder if when HP bought Palm (webOS), they also inherited their inability to deliver devices in a timely manner...Palm Pre anyone?

Not interested in this tablet, but come on guys...


I have a feeling that HP would make the next nexus7 2.
didnt the same thing happen with Asus?

Edit: nevermind, seems like the device has fallen short in hardware

It'll be DOA by June, especially with rumors of a $99 Kindle Fire, and with a refresh of the Nexus 7 on the horizon. I hardly see any appeal for this tablet, with such a late launch date.

The in-hand feel is probably where the HP Slate 7 wins. No one buying a cheap tablet knows or cares about having a Tegra 4. Plus, microSD card slot is a HUGE advantage.

Fair enough; if it works for you, by all means, buy it. However, if the launch date is constantly pushed back, then it'll work for no one.

The next Nexus 7 will definitely be great. But I wonder what it will be called. Nexus 7 2 sounds terrible.

As a former Palm Pre Plus owner, when I read this headline all I could think of was "in the coming months." Sigh...

It's a crappy tablet anyways. The design, screen, and the hardware are horrible. Why would you even buy this? Why would HP even make such a stupid tablet?

It looks to me like HP doesn't engage in "Voice of Customer" brainstorming. The result.... a total waste of time and hardware for something NOBODY will buy.

My touch pad with cm 9 is more up to date! Maybe now is a good time to sell off the printers and laptop divisions of HP..... If killing Web os was a good idea, so is that!

Here's to hoping HP saw the light and is upping the resolution on the screen and bumping up the internal specs, if not this thing will be DOA even for budget pricing considering how cheap the Nexus 7 is, and will be when the new one is out in a couple of months.

Of course people will buy it because they recognize the HP brand name, but right now they recognize the name Samsung more for this sort of things. Except for online savvy users, people don't recognize Nexus. But for some strange reason whenever I see the name HP I think of "defective laptops", don't ask me why.

I don't think the spec is too bad for the price, especially if it come with PlayStore, unlike Nexus 7 it does have:
Back camera
'Proper' separated stereo speakers
MicroSD slot
Also unlike Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (similar spec), it use standard microSD cable.

If it has GPS and 3G sim card support for about $229 I think it wouldn't be too bad a deal, but being WiFi alone with the outdated screen and software its not going to be successful. All that isn't going to make me give up my Nexus 7 unless it also come with phone call ability like the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (but it most likely won't), I am more likely to buy the next Nexus 7. But maybe people will buy it, it has the "beats" logo, all for $169! It's a steal. /s

My time with the Kindle Fire HD was my worse ever Android experience with the locked down OS with so little freedom and no PlayStore and having to do all kind of hacks to get it installed and hand build my own factory cable to boot it into fastboot mode, etc. But that's just me.

PS. 720p on a 7" screen really make a big difference in usage experience, I really would not recommend buying a 1024x600 7" screen device unless you look at in person and feel its enough for you.

Come June I'm more likely dropping my money for the Ouya.

While I agree that going with a 1024x600 resolution display was a terrible move I also think not giving the Nexus 7 a MicroSD slot, which the Slate 7 has was a terrible move. For some people, the Slate 7 may actually be more useful because of the MicroSD slot. Still I don't think many, if any, would choose the Slate 7 over the Nexus 7.

HP also needs to prove themselves with Android...will they release updates and support the Slate 7 well in general?

probably waiting for Google's Nexus 7 announcement. If the Nexus 7 can get a spec bump and better screen, the Slate 7 will do the same. At least I hope so. because that red one would look nice with my Beats Envy 14.

The Nexus 7 doesn't have microSD card slot, whereas the HP does. 8GB or 16GB with no way to expand??? It's a joke. A no go.

I am honestly surprised there are first timers falling for the DEAD-END Nexus-es.

This HP is not a powerhouse, but because of this one feature it blows any Nexus out of the water.

This thing was DOA anyway. It essentially has the hardware of a 1st gen Kindle Fire with a memory card slot and crappy camera added on. When you consider that the next Nexus 7 will likely be priced at the same price point as the current version you have to ask yourself why anyone would bother? HP still hasn't figured out that the mobile world waits for no one.

They got to do something with all those parts that were supposed to be for the touchpad go (webOS 7" tablet). They probably struck a deal with the suppliers to make good on their parts orders. The specs are too close to be coincidence. HP is continuing to give themselves mortal wounds on top of mortal wounds. Why on earth go with the inferior OS they are more likely to lose money on than they were with continueing to make webOS hardware.

The firesale showed us one important thing. They could have sold lower priced tablets instead of going head to head with the ipad and been quite succesful. After all the touchpad (running webOS) took 2nd place to the ipad in number of users after the firesale. A lot of which were resold at $200-$300 potencial profit for HP had they gone with the lower profit margins to sell them at a mid ranged price. I hope people boycot this tablet so HP can see how stupid they really are. I never had a company anger me as much as they have to date.