Froyo not a final build

Yes, folks, we're well aware that the Froyo ROM we're all running on our Nexus Ones isn't a final build. We said as much on Monday, and it was confirmed by Google just a couple of hours later and has been reiterated several times since.

Think it through: The Froyo update first started showing up on a few devices -- journalists no less -- and these were devices that originally were distributed by Google. So the Goog knew the IMEIs -- a unique identifier of the phone -- and started pushing out early updates. It was a targeted distribution.

When an over-the-air update is pushed, it actually just tells your phone "Go to this Internet address to download the update." From that point, it's just a matter of finding the download location (which takes about 30 seconds if you know how), and that's the ball game. The rest of us now have this early version of Froyo.

Rest assured, we'll see a more final build soon, and hopefully we'll have the source code released before then so that our favorite chefs can get to cooking. As for when a specific phone will get a Froyo update, well, we don't know. And it's really unlikely anybody else does at this point either. So be careful in reading those random posts from customer-service bots or some guy in a store. We thought we'd taught you better than that. :)


Reader comments

Yes, the version of Froyo we're using isn't final, but you knew that, right?


Well this is so stable I am still very pleased with it. Being a pass blackberry addict Android is so so much better. But Question once the final is released will it just replace one I have on my Nexus One now automatically?

Your phone will update as usual, go to the Nexus One Google Forums and look up Ry Guy, he is a Google employee and commented in this situation in the forum. It you rooted your phone (unlocked the bootloader) to get the update is a different story, but if you just flashed the build, you should be all set.

unlikely. Outside of rumors, there has been no mention of it in the Froyo release. However, its possible they could have included it as a 'hidden' feature without publicly announcing it.

OH I had a hard time just figuring out how to get the update he first time. I guess I will have to to it all over again. But if I need help (which I will)I will come right back here to get it. But if they released this version to the media people then they should provide an update for them since they are running the same version as us. Right?

No, the manual update doesn't mean that your phone is rooted, you have to unlock the bootloader to root the phone. Also, once Google rolls out the final build, your phone will receive the OTA update as usual. This information I got from Ry Guy (Google famous PR employee, to give him a title) in the Nexus One Google Forums.

Sorry, I did not understand it very well. Are we going to have FM radio on our N1 with Froyo??

Outside of rumors Google has never spoken of including a FM Radio "activation". However its not an impossibility that Google may include support for it in future updates. Its also possible that it will be included in Froyo but was never publicly announced. The truth is we don't know.

You can go to and look up this article:

"Nexus One Will Not Get Official FM Radio Support Any Time Soon – Google Cites The Custom ROM Community As Our Best Bet"

The short answer is no FM radio from Google, but hopefully the dev community could find a way to activate it and use it (meaning rooting your phone and using a custom rom like cyanogenmod).

I think the issue here was no it wasn't all that clear, and then there was a pulled article on here yesterday on how to root your AT&T N1 to Froyo, and comments on the original "how to update your phone to Froyo" to hacked roms with no warnings what-so-ever. Google themselves could have been a bit more clear when that guy from Techcrunch started announcing to the world that it was rolling out as well.

It should be mentioned loud and clear (I say this because I end up helping friends, and students where I work who have done this) that if you root your phone you're pretty much on your own as far as updates go - depending on the phone. Downloading 3rd party firmware from a non Google site is bad (you really have no idea what kind of malware has been attached do you?).

I think the bigger issue is that people thought the release this past saturday was the official one, when it was not. I was watching things unfold and had I had the T-Mobile N1, I would have upgraded to this beta release without thinking about it.

No one said it was the official Google OTA, just that it began rolling out. The bulk majority of those that upgraded to Froyo did not receive the OTA, rather they flashed it manually (with or without rooting). The update was intended for those N1's that were given to the press and google employees prior to the official release on January 5.

The download link was leaked to a few tech blogs and it spread around that the update was available for download and manual update causing many people to update thinking it was the official release, when it was not.

I'd assume anyone who was educated enough (in this subject) to find and download the OTA file, and manually load it up to their N1, they'd be educated enough to be aware that it was not the final public release...