Yahoo Mail

New themes, easier navigation and unified controls across platforms

Yahoo Mail is 16 years old today, and to celebrate the service is receiving a large redesign to unify its look across the platform. You'll now notice a cleaner look in the Android app along with changes in the iOS and Windows Phone apps as well as on the web. Functionally, the app now shows email threads in a "conversation" view if you prefer and several basic functions like starring, deleting and searching are easier to perform with one tap.

Several features that were reserved for premium "Mail Plus" subscribers before are now free, including disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding. The amount of storage you receive as a free user has dramatically increased as well — everyone gets 1TB (yes, one terabyte) of storage for their email.

Yahoo has also introduced an interesting feature that continues the unified design principle, and that is a set of curated themes based on Flickr photos that sync across your devices. Choose a background image and associated theme for your account, and it will be applied to all of your connected devices inside Yahoo Mail. It's a big step in the right direction for Yahoo, and we like to see some competition with Gmail every once and a while.

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Yahoo Mail receives unified redesign, now offers 1TB of storage


"everyone gets 1TB (yes, one terabyte) of storage for their email."

What the hell are you emailing that would require anything close to that much of data.

I could imagine somebody out there saving file backups as message drafts so that they don't have to pay for cloud backup services.
1TB is a TON for email storage. Are they out of their minds?

Well, I used to think I'd never use all of my Gmail space either. Then they rolled all of those services into one and now I have like 36 gigs of storage for five bucks a year.

Yeah, but that includes Drive space. This is 1TB for email. Unless they're planning on implementing their own cloud service, I can't see this being practical.

If you are right and people will have trouble filling up a terabyte then it's imminently practical because they will never have anyone use that much space.

u can't fill that with just emails it would take a life time, give me that for cloud free and I will surely sign up to yahoo at last

Posted via ACA on LG G2

Do they have a drive feature that syncs files from and to the desktop/phone?

Posted via Android Central App

I have 2 main email accounts with Yahoo. One account is strictly personal, and is never given to anyone but friends and family. I've never had an issue with spam. My 2nd account is used strictly for use with anyone else who needs an email contact. That account is incessantly bombarded with spam to the degree that it's almost impossible to keep the inbox cleaned up. With email, as with most things in life, it's how you use it.

My Gmail addresses are everywhere. I use them for business as well as personal. Spam always goes to the spam folder and it never lights my phone up.

I hope this "redesign" includes functional improvements such as no longer hiding the text of previous messages in a thread.

Posted via Android Central App

So, I've been using Yahoo mail for 16 years now, and for multiple email accounts. Sure, I have a couple of Gmail accounts, as well, but I always come back to Yahoo for some reason. I've had friends make fun of me for still using Yahoo, but I don't care. I've never had an issue with the service. I would even say I was an early adopter of cloud mail, which is exactly what this is, as is Gmail. I realized immediately, 16 years ago that I didn't always have my laptop with me, or access to my desktop. With Yahoo mail, all I needed was a computer, then my phone, to check my mail. I've also used my Yahoo account to host files and computer programs. Now, with all that added storage, it's an even better deal. Now, if they would offer that same amount of storage with a Dropbox-like interface, I would be forever hooked. Oh wait, I kind of already am.

I to have been using Yahoo for about 16 years now as well and really have had no more problems than with my gmail and much less than with the Mrs hotmail acct. Out may seem like a punching bag got tech geeks but I well sick with it as long as it functions well. Also I think the spam filter works pretty well. I rarely get spam in my inbox.

Posted via Android Central App

How is he trolling? I used to use Yahoo mail, as my sole email provider. A few years back, I finally switched to Gmail, because I was fed up, with my inbox being flooded with spam.

Being critical of a service is not trolling, fyi.

Posted via Android Central App

The update with the themes and new features is not showing up to download in the play store for my xoom or razr maxx. It shows its been updated today but nothing for me to update

Posted via Android Central App

I think there is an issue with Google Play. I have 4 apps that show updates available, but it errors out on all 4.

As for this, I agree, 1TB just for e-mail? I have several years of work Outlook stuff archived onto a USB hard drive, and it might be 100 GB total, and that was with some large attachments over the years.

It's just a big bullet point to sound appealing. They don't actually expect people to use it all.

I have a theoretical "unlimited" space on my web host's server but I'll never actually get even 500GB and they know it. It just looks sexy next to the check marks listing why people should choose them over other hosts.

No update here o_O The themes will help once I get an update for this app, as I think they will help me enjoy using Yahoo a tad more. The current theme is horrendous.

I cleared cache and data for the play store and for the app just for kicks, but nothing yet...

Posted via Android Central App

Ok I'm still not showing an update for this app, anybody know what's going on? I tried clearing cache and data for the market and Yahoo a bunch of times... even booted into recovery and cleared cache that way... nothing.

Posted via Android Central App

If in talk about free space, I got 15 GB free space in Google shared with all its service like mail, Drive...

Now yahoo gave 1 TB..if by any chance they start their cloud service than it would be worthy...

I do have 50GB free Mega storage...:-)

Posted via Android Central App

If in talk about free space, I got 15 GB free space in Google shared with all its service like mail, Drive...

Now yahoo gave 1 TB..if by any chance they start their cloud service than it would be worthy...

I do have 50GB free Mega storage...:-)

Posted via Android Central App

Can't give Google all the secrets. Gotta spread them around. Gmail, yahoo, Outlook. Nsa takes care of unifying my inbox for me...

Posted from a van, down by the river

They probably do an Google Drive (Gmail, Google+ Photos and Google Drive) - combined storage. Google decides an free combined total of 15GB. Microsoft has at least 7GB of SkyDrive with Outlook deemed unlimited.

Yahoo also has an 1TB storage quota for images - Flickr. The 1TB of email unlikely to be "in addition".

i would love to use yahoo mail again but they let too much spam into the inbox.. stronger filters but htis so much storage.. good job on that

Should I trust Yahoo! Mail's security over Gmail? YMail still doesn't have 2-factor authentication, right? So, the more data I put into it, the more trouble I need to clean up when there is any leaks. Just my 2 cents.

Only reason I still have or use a yahoo account is for fantasy football. I can't remember the last time someone gave me a yahoo email address (business or personal). That can't be good for them.

Same... still! Wondering if it's an issue with Google play and we're not seeing updates for some other apps either, or its just an issue with Yahoo pushing the update

Posted via Android Central App

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