Here's Sony Ericsson's latest ad spot on the Xperia X10 Mini (which just cleared the FCC!) and while we applaud the amazing finger dancing choreography, we just don't get it. Sure, fingers dancing on a table can look great on screen but it does nothing to show off the actual features of the phone. Wouldn't it be much more effective if the fingers danced on the phone's screen, showing off its features, than around it? So why not show off the Xperia X10 Mini's biggest appeal, its portability, instead?

What do you guys think? Should we relax and enjoy the "fun-ness" of the ad spot? Or did Sony Ericsson miss once again? [via androidandme]


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An Xperia X10 Mini commercial that dances around the phone


I feel like they missed it in not bringing the full sized X10 to the US. Screw the Mini and the Mini Pro. Who wants a tiny tiny smart phone? Give me 3.7in screen or bigger. For shame SE. For shame.

I think its enough to make people ask about it and go see it in stores; which is exactly what they would like you to do. I feel that it does show off its portability. The ad makes the phone look compact and small enough to fit in the upper pocket of pants. Personally, I like my N1's 3.7 inch screen and I don't see how most market apps will work properly with such a tiny display.

That's gross. She's in a public place rubbing her fingers all over the table then all over her shiny xperia. She better disinfect that thing real quick.